Mold. Broken. MotherJudge

Mar 12, 2019

Exit Dome 5—Jan. 28, 2012. Caroline MotherJudge was at the peak of her considerable powers. While she is rightfully praised in her passing as a giving soul, community organizer and relentless promoter of others, let’s not forget her own inspiring, righteous skills as a singer, songwriter and musician. Husband Sten Isachsen and longtime cohort Bob Buckley might be the ringers for the night, but she is leading the band, just as anyone who ever worked alongside her will tell you. This is the stuff! The haunting, hypnotic swirl of “Nervous,” the beautiful, bitter grind of “See You Later,” the joyous swing of “High Hopes.” Mold. Broken. MotherJudge!

~Michael Eck
Senior Communications and Public Relations Leader, Proctors

A memorial service will be conducted at 2 p.m. on April 7, in the First Lutheran Church, 181 Western Ave., Albany, with a reception to follow from 4 to 8 p.m. at The University Club, 141 Washington Ave., Albany. A music scholarship is being created in Isachsen’s name. Those wishing to donate or to purchase the “Cold Warrior” CD are asked to visit