One-Hit Wonders Week

Mar 17, 2016

Credit Anonymous

From March 11th through the 18th, we will celebrate the biggest one-hit wonders of the ages.  We’ll start with the first charted rock and roll songs and come right up to within the past few years. We decided to hold off on ones from 2010 forward as we’re not sure the artist is done just yet.  The artist might still have another hit.

During this week, we will be asking for your support. Your contribution keeps us eclectic, unique and diverse. You make it possible for us to spend a week with a special focus like this.  Thanks for making your contribution.

These are songs that are bonafide hits. They could be novelty songs, but some are not. These songs will surely put a smile on your face. And just like every other song we play, your contribution makes it possible.



Credit Anonymous

Here is how it works. Each hour during the week (select hours on weekend days), we will play a set of music from one-hit wonders from various decades.

Friday, March 11 – 1950s
Saturday, March 12 – 1960s (10a-6p)
Sunday, March 13 – 1960s (10a-8p)
Monday, March 14 – 1970s
Tuesday, March 15 – 1970s
Wednesday, March 16 – 1980s
Thursday, March 17 – 1990s/2000s
Friday, March 18 – Countdown of the Best One-Hit Wonders (start time 10am)

Throughout it, we’ll be offering great tickets to amazing shows. We will have cool CDs from artists like Ray LaMontagne, David Bowie, James Taylor, and many others.  Thanks for making your contribution.