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A Different Kind of Circus is in Troy

Circus: YOL
Marquise Productions

Marquise Productions presents a new Circus Tour: YOL

YOL, which means “road” or “way” in Turkish, tells the story of one girl on a mystical journey, exploring a path formed by her own curiosity and imagination. Interacting with the supernatural and mysterious aspects of her own mind, she undergoes her own evolution as both storyteller and observer. A story told through a mix between a new form of circus and theatre, YOL explores what our beliefs say about us and the possibility of returning to a childlike wonder about the world around us.

*Note this show does not contain animals*

Show location, dates, & times:

The Gasholder
1115 5th Avenue Troy, NY 12180

June 10th: 7:30pm
June 11th: 3:00pm
June 11th: 7:30pm
June 12th: 4:00pm

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