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Listen: At Home With WEXT - Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold

On their fourth album Shore, Robin Pecknold polishes and sharpens Fleet Foxes' rich folk-rock sound, creating an album that is simultaneously complex and elemental; a celebration of life in the face of death.  

Pecknold explains: "I wanted to make an album that felt like a relief, like your toes finally touching sand after being caught in a rip current. I wanted the album to exist in a liminal space outside of time, inhabiting both the future and the past, accessing something spiritual or personal that is untouchable by whatever the state of the world may be at a given moment, whatever our season."

Shore was recorded before and during quarantine in Hudson, NY, Paris, Los Angeles, Long Island City and New York City from September 2018 until September 2020 with the help of recording and production engineer Beatriz Artola.


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