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Listen: Live @ EXT Kalyna Rakel

Kalyna Rakel

Kalyna Rakel comes to us from north of Toronto. Her style has evolved to a deeply rooted sound. Her songs, her voice, she’s quite captivating. 

When you first meet Kalyna Rakel, you notice her unassuming, charming and a bit shy nature. When she puts a guitar in her hands she comes alive, almost with a snarl as she pours out a gutsy roots and blues filled stream of music that sucks you in. Once is not enough. You’ll find you need more, after you hear her perform. 

In this session, we learn a little about what motivates Kalyna to write songs. Many of the songs are relationships, especially from her latest album, "Before & After You." But we also got treated to a new song inspired by her van, Daisy.