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Wild Bill. Sarge. We Are Glad We Got to Know You

Greg Haymes and Michael Eck Host Exit Dome broadcast
Bryan Thomas
Greg Haymes and Michael Eck Host Exit Dome broadcast

It is with a sad and heavy heart that we have today, this Local 518 Thursday.  Last night, we learned of the passing of a dear friend of WEXT.  So much can be said of Greg Haymes. He was a great guy. He was a journalist, a critic, a musician - and was great at all of that. But he was so much more.  And to us, he was a very special individual.

The WEXT you hear today would not exist if it weren't for Greg's generous spirit and kindness.  Before we launched, we had anonymously reached out to learn what we could about the Local 518 scene. We wanted as much inside knowledge as we could find.  Greg was one of the key contacts as we did our fact finding.

Not long after we went on the air, on a visit over to the station, Greg turned to me and said "that was you in those emails. Right?"  Yeah, Greg. It was. And thankfully, I was able to thank him for all he did to help us launch, and has done ever since.

As the Local 518 community mourns the loss of another key figure in the scene, we try to remember back to those great times and remember how awesome Greg was to us - and how supportive he was to the entire community of artists - music, visual, all kinds of art.

From when the Ramblin' Jug Stompers came in to celebrate their 10th anniversary, have a listen to that session.  Watch the videos.