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The Local 518 Show 1703

College students, you need to leave regular radio behind to discover the variety of artists and genres from the Local 518! Oh, and history too - classic songs/bands from a decade or more ago. Start by tuning in Exit 97.7 WEXT tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for The Local 518 Show, hosted by Andy Gregory. Begin your adventure with songs by Wild Adriatic, Under the Den, Oblivion Saints, The LateShift, Stellar Young, and Dryer.

Don't miss the history segment! There's a track from the band Home, a stop along electronic music composer Bob Lukomski's explorations as instrumentalist and vocalist. "Mona" comes from the first EP 'Dirt', released in 1988.

Stay tuned for a 518 Session live performance and conversation with Lucas Garrett, and a couple additional Local 518 songs.

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Andy Gregory is a Capital Region native, architectural design professional, and supporter of the local arts. During the day he helps manage construction design and building projects for clients. Most other times he can be found supporting the local musicians in almost any way possible.