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The Local 518 Show 1920

Local 518 Show

Get hip, daddy-o, to new sounds on this episode of The Local 518 Show by Marilyn Miller, Emily Mitchell, Bruiser and Bicycle, Lip Talk, Greens, and Motorbike. We remember the past too. We lost Caroline "MotherJudge" Isachsen to pancreatic cancer in March. She was known by many as host of the "Best Damn Open Mic Ever". One of the first groups she played and sang with was The Siren Sisters String Band. The Attic Classic is one of Caroline's signature songs, "Green Eyes", from 1990.

Andy Gregory is a Capital Region native, architectural design professional, and supporter of the local arts. During the day he helps manage construction design and building projects for clients. Most other times he can be found supporting the local musicians in almost any way possible.