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Molly Durnin Comes Home with a New Album

Molly Durnin at home interview
Molly Durnin at home interview

Molly Durnin is nothing if not brutally honest, in her songwriting, and when you're just talking with her. She tells me that the song "You Got Me Where You Want Me," a song about domestic violence - to help raise awareness - is about a situation she was in for a few years. And as hard as it is to break free, she did eventually. But that was not easy.

Molly is returning home with that long awaited second album. She decided to just do it. When she moved recently, she said it just seemed like the right time. And boy are we glad. We are happy our friend is in a better place, and that she is finally sending us this new music to listen to. The album "It's Fine" is out on November 1. And be looking at her website for shows she's doing in the area.

And a small secret, if you can keep it, she's also taping something to air on a certain public TV station you may know.

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