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Paula Cole's Fire

Paula Cole
Paula Cole

KC Morris speaks to GRAMMY®-winning artist Paula Cole about her double platinum 1996 album This Fire, overcoming sexism in the music industry and insisting on your vision.

As a pre-teen, I must have listened to Paula Cole's I Don't Want To Wait hundreds of times. The song was used in the intro to the popular teen drama Dawson's Creek and was included in her 1996 double platinum album This Fire, an album Cole produced herself- a rarity at the time. When she was nominated by the Grammys the following year for Producer of the Year, she learned she was the first woman in history ever to be nominated in the category without collaborators.

We talk about how a foot injury led her to the piano, her experience as a performer with the groundbreaking Lilith Fair, and what she's working on now- including a new musical and a collaboration with Jason Isbell.

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Some days KC wishes she had more space in her head for historical dates, family members’ phone numbers, and directions, but alas that space is mostly occupied by lyrics to pop songs she first heard as a tween.