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Courtney Marie Andrews Opens Up to New Possibilities in Loose Future

 Courtney Marie Andrews
Adam Gundersheimer
Courtney Marie Andrews

Last time we spoke, Courtney Marie Andrews was preparing to release her record Old Flowers. It was the early days of the pandemic, so she and her team had to go back to the drawing board: scrap the tour (which had always served as a kind of refuge for Andrews), and focus on promotion from home.

The time indoors gave her space to focus on herself, rediscover her love of painting and realize many of her previous love songs included a caveat: "I love you, but..."

On October 7th, Andrews will release Loose Future, a collection of ten tracks in which she says she's opening herself up to a "season of Summer"- readying herself for the possibility of love without caveats. Because, as she says, "anything can happen in this loose future."

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Some days KC wishes she had more space in her head for historical dates, family members’ phone numbers, and directions, but alas that space is mostly occupied by lyrics to pop songs she first heard as a tween.