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The Diver Library Singers Save the Library

The Diver Library Singers
The Diver Library Singers

The headline may not be 100% correct, but they are working hard to save the library. They could use our help. Get the word out, let people know. We need to save the Diver Library and keep access to this special community for the folks in Schaghticoke.

Some of my favorite people in the world come from Schaghticoke. I have been enjoying my association the community of folks who are the Diver Library. The kids and their families have really warmed my heart. I love how devoted they are to reading, to music, to the arts, and to their community - The Diver Library.

Recently, I learned from Nicholas Matulis (director of the library) that the Library was on the edge of a cliff, and the cliff is eroding further to the point where they have to "do something."

Nick and Library board president Angela Ross-Hixson spent a few moments talking with me about the plight of the library, and how folks around the community might be able to help out. They are going down to Troy for the auction of the property next door on Monday, August 22, in the hopes of being able to secure the Library's future.

They're inviting all folks down to show their support for the Library on Monday, if you can. More information at the Diver Library website.

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