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Hayley Jane Returns to the Primates and the Northeast

Hayley Jane at home interview
Hayley Jane at home interview

A couple of years ago, just ahead of the start of the pandemic, Hayley Jane & the Primates decided it was time to take a step back - for mental health. The pressure cooker of show after show and the push to succeed was taking its toll.

Then soon after the decision to step back, everyone took a step back. And for the past few years, Hayley Jane has been working to get her thoughts clear, to work through some substance abuse issues, and help find her center.

She's found it. She's found her way, and she is making her way back to music. Hayley Jane even did a solo album, "Late Bloom." And now, she's coming back to the northeast to do a show at the Adirondack Independence Music Festival with her band.

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