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Rochmon Record Club Presents "Fly Like An Eagle" at Caffe Lena

Chuck Vosganian & Chris Wienk

One of 1976's biggest albums was “Fly Like An Eagle."

At the next event, Chuck Vosganian's Rochmon Record Club takes on this Steve Miller album. Chuck talks with me about the album, and he goes a little bit into it. But he saves the best stuff for November 19 at Caffe Lena where you can experience the full on Rochmon experience. 

Chuck has this engaging way of teaching us new things and helping is listen to a full album with renewed ears. There’s trivia, hundreds of images, and a special comraderie that brings you back to those days when we’d sit on the couch, "in the sweet spot," between the speakers to get the album's full effect. Join Chuck for a heightened listening experience. Visit Caffe Lena to get tickets.