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Five Questions with Darryl Caron of Adirondack Sports

Darryl Caron of Adirondack Sports and his family out on the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail
Darryl Caron
Darryl Caron
Darryl Caron of Adirondack Sports and his family out on the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail

The Adirondack Sports Summer Expo is March 18 and 19 at the Saratoga City Center. Maybe we have a ton of snow, but all thinking is about what we'll be doing outside all summer long. The Expo is free! C'mon out and see us there and check out all the cool gear, and things to do all summer long. Don't let a moment go to waste!

We asked Darryl Caron of Adirondack Sports to take a few minute from the feverish rush to get everything all set for Saturday and Sunday. Here are his answers to the 5 Questions.

1. What's your favorite summer sport?

Bicycling is my favorite three season sport, whether is on the road, gravel or trail! I enjoy participating in club rides with the Mohawk Hudson Cycling Club, organized tours such as The Great North and Farmer’s Daughter “gravel grinders” in April and May – beautiful dirt road rides with hundreds of participants, a lot of hills in Washington and Columbia counties, plus fun after party live music, food and local beer!

2. Tell us your favorite part of the Summer Expo.

Seeing a full house of happy attendees and exhibitors and hearing the noise and energy of this annual gathering of outdoor sports, health/fitness and travel enthusiasts – all under one roof! It’s cool because many people are snow-shoers or skiers now, but they also run, bike, triathlon, hike and paddle! It’s exciting to visit with many friends and see a lot of new faces, especially young families who are just getting started enjoying the outdoors in our beautiful backyard!

3. When people see you during the expo, you seem so calm. Are you as calm underneath as you show on the outside?

I’ve been publishing and editing Adirondack Sports magazine for 23 years, which the Summer Expo brings to life so the upbeat atmosphere makes me calm… Never thought I’d be an event manager so there’s some satisfaction once the Expo is happening! It’s a celebration of all the ‘sweaty, dirty sports’ we love doing, regardless of their age or ability, recreationally or competitively... I also like that it’s free admission and welcoming to those people who are ‘contemplating exercise’ or simply want to learn more from our travel destinations so they can relax by the lake this summer.

4. When you guys are setting up, do you have walk on music, or a playlist that motivates you? What might be the top song on that list?

We play WEXT over the City Center’s sound system while we’re setting up. The exhibitors like the variety of music, both new and old, so it’s a good fit. Anything by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band motivates me, especially live versions of his songs and the banter between them. Two of my favorite Bruce quotes are “Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny…” and “Is anybody alive out there!” Mixed feelings this week as I’ve got tickets for the postponed Albany show, but hopefully everyone’s healthy next week, because our family is going to the Buffalo show!

5. What do you and the team at Adirondack Sports do unwind when the Expo is done?

After the Expo, we already have an “After the Expo To Do” list… With all this snow, it will include more cross-country and downhill skiing! Then, we’ll switch over to the summer sports!

We cannot wait to come and hang out with you and all the attendees and vendors this weekend, Darryl. Thanks for taking a few moments to let us learn more about what gets you going. Happy trails!

For more information about the Adirondack Sports Summer Expo, visit their website, or Facebook page.