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Listen: At Home With Hiss Golden Messenger's MC Taylor


At the beginning of COVID-19, MC Taylor, AKA Hiss Golden Messenger, sat in his N. Carolina home studio – an 8’ × 10’ sanctuary packed floor to ceiling with books, records, and old guitars - and watched the chaotic world spin outside his window. Between March and June 2020, Taylor wrote and recorded upwards of two dozen songs - in most cases playing all of the instruments himself - before winnowing the collection down and bringing them to the Hiss band. In July, the group of musicians, with Taylor in the production seat, went into Overdub Lane in Durham, NC, for a week, where they recorded Quietly Blowing It as an organic unit honed to a fine edge from their years together on the road.

Taylor insists that the new album is more personal reflection than state-of-the-world address. Hear him tell Dave Michaels all about it and listen as Taylor plays us three songs, “Sanctuary,” “My Wing,” and “If It Comes In The Morning.”