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Dave Michaels

Morning DJ / Operations Manager

Monday-Friday, 5-10am

Dave was nursed on rock 'n' roll, country and Americana music from birth. In fact, his dad captured him on reel-to-reel singing in his crib to Roger Miller's "King of The Road" - a recording that's tucked away in the back of his closet! 

Discovery of his parent's General Electric hi-fi ignited his passion for radio and after getting a weekly show at his college radio station, he was hooked! Over 30+ years later, clearly his instincts were spot on!

Dave's lived on the air in Glens Falls and Albany, and has hosted the morning show on WEXT since the station went on the air in 2007. 

Tune in for Stax at Sunrise (6:30a), Breakfast with The Beatles (7:20a), Dawn of The Dead (8:30a), and Dave's Daily Double (9:35a).