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Maddy Hicks Shares Her Twentysomething Experience

Maddy Hicks at WEXT
April Hicks
Maddy Hicks at WEXT

One of my favorite singer songwriters is from Charlton. Maddy Hicks has a way with words.

At first listen, you can hear the brutal honesty of the lyrics in Maddy Hicks' songs. But you can also hear a tenderness that belies that honesty. Just when your heart breaks, you can feel a sense of relief coming over you - you know, as in life.

Maddy left her home in the Local 518 for college in Nashville. We talk about that experience and how it is going since her graduation this past May. She's just released her latest single, "December," which you can witness both in the studio and as her release below. The studio video will premiere on December 29th at 12n.

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