Chris Wienk

Afternoon DJ/Program Director

Chris Wienk
Mon-Fri 3-9pm

Chris grew up listening to his dad play the pipe organ. Chris always got into the deep bass notes. As a little boy, Chris could be found dancing in front of tiny, little stereo speakers that were playing old Simon & Garfunkel. To this day, Chris LOVES “The Boxer,” and can often be heard saying “groovy” (as in “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”).

Chris’ epiphany moment came in the summer of 1975 when he first heard Roxy Music’s “Love is the Drug.” That was the beginning of his quest for music that had such power and emotion.

Ain’t cha got no rhymes for me?
Doot-in’ doo-doo,
Feelin’ groovy.

Dave and Don with Chris

You know I fall in love with beautiful music.  And I have fallen in love. Our friends in Darlingside have done it again!  The new album "Fish Pond Fish" is out!  And it is magnificent.  We listened to the whole thing the night of release (10/9 at 8pm).  And it was a magical listen.

Mary Scholz

Our good friend, Mary Scholz was feeling inspired by the Statue of Liberty. Her latest single releases on October 8th. It's called "Lady Liberty," and is as statuesque a song as its inspiration.

Francesca Blanchard

It has been a few years since we last chatted, and Francesca Blanchard has been quite busy. She even took some time away from music to re-evaluate her path.  Her latest album is a "break up record." Francesca tells us that she actually went through the break up during the writing and making of the record.  You can hear the raw emotion in the songs.  

The album is called "Make It Better." And check out the cool video below, too.

Kris Angelis

If Kris Angelis looks familiar, it could be because you've seen her - or her twin sister - acting on TV or in the movies.  Kris grew up making the world her stage.  She's creating some very memorable moments on social media with her regular live streams, and in the interview tells me of her nerd fascination with board games, and a few other cool things.

Dominick Campana

Anyone who's been around the Local 518 music scene for some time knows the name Dominick Campana.  From bands and doing sound, to helping organizations with their sound reinforcement needs, Dominick has been rockin' our area for a few decades.  

Denelle Abel

In this interview, we learned all about a special exhibit going on at Saratoga Arts through September 5th. It's all about Artists of Color and features works from their perspective.  We spoke with Exhibitions and Membership Coordinator Rebecca Zeh, and with one of the amazing artists, Denelle Abel.

Get more information at Saratoga Arts' website.

Christopher Shaw

We couldn't be happier than to hear that Christopher Shaw has written a new song - a tribute to the recently passed John Prine.

Chris and I talk about what he's been up to these last five years and in the pandemic, and you can watch the performance that just appeared on Chris' Facebook page.  Thanks for sharing with us, Chris.

Andy Morse

The Wheel | Jericho Drive-In

Tuesday, July 21 at 8pm

Andy Morse has been making music in our community in many bands over the years. And kids have been growing up seeing him as Andy The Music Man for 25 years. His band, The Wheel will be playing the music of Grateful Dead at the Jericho Drive-In on Tuesday, July 21. 

Terra Spencer at Home

Terra Spencer felt the need to stay connected to her fanbase while in isolation in Nova Scotia. She may not have been the first, and certainly not the only one to switch over to "livestream" activity to try to replace the live concert setting, but she sure went at least one step further. Her weekly hang with her fans became "Blanket Fort Tonight."

Learn about her story, her new song "Raining On a Saturday," and more.

Lynne Hanson with Crowvid-19

Lynne Hanson has used her time in isolation to create, and to help her husband create.  She's known as the Queen of Americana in Canada.  Her husband is a contractor by day, but also creates large scale metal sculptures - like the Crowvid-19.  Learn about Crowvid, and Lynne's new record called "Just Words."

Proceeds from the Crowvid-19 sculpture installation have been helping the Ottawa Foodbank.

Fab the Duo at Home

They bill themselves as the modern day Sonny and Cher (but they say they are both Cher).

Greg and Brendan met on Tinder, and found a common thread in their lives that was in music.  Their friendship and love blossomed as they formed a band - Fab the Duo.

Learn their story and about their love of music, and all about their new EP, "Our Love is Resistance."

Rachel Ana Dobken

When I first heard Rachel Ana Dobken's album, "When It Happens To You," I knew I had to find a way - even in a pandemic - to have a conversation with her.  Her music is fascinating. Her story, while only getting started, is also fascinating.

In the Valley

Husband and wife Local 518 duo, In The Valley, Katie and James met at Houghton College in western New York. They found common ground in music and began a friendship that would result in love and marriage. We hear about their story of how they met, and about their songs.

So far, the songs we've heard from In the Valley have us craving more.

Aubrie Sellers

Aubrie Sellers grew up around country music, daughter of two famed country stars - Lee Ann Womack and Jason Sellers.

While stuck at home, and not able to be out on tour promoting her new album, "Far From Home, she took a few moments to talk about her new record, and tell us about how her family has been making masks and other things to help out the community.  And we discuss "garage country," the genre Aubrie has brilliantlly created to help her stand out in the crowded field.

Alice Howe

We met Alice Howe at a Folk music conference.  We were immediately swept up by her amazing voice and songs.  Plus, she introduced us to the amazing bass player, Freebo, who played with Bonnie Raitt back in the day.

Here new full-length record is "Visions." We discuss that, music, Freebo, and making a cool video.

Mike Mattison

We know Mike Mattison for his work with Derek Trucks and with Tedeschi Trucks, and his own band Scrapomatic.  Mike's second solo album, "Afterglow," draws on his influences - both musical and literary.

Mike and I talk about his growing up in Minneapolis, his musical influences, and the songs and stories that make up "Afterglow."


The Albany band Waitress, Juliana, Gabe and Kyle met in college.  They formed the band and were just about a happening thing as the pandemic started.  We met them at the "virtual" Tulip Fest, and we were smitten.

Hear their story. Hear their songs. Check them out.

Roger Street Friedman

Roger Street Friedman played music as a young man. Life took him on a bit of a detour, but music drew him back. Roger was in his 50's when he first released his own music, a second act as it were.  He caught the attention of Larry Campbell who said he loved Roger's songs.  Larry and Roger agreed to work together someday. Roger wasn't sure that would actually happen.  And then... it did.

Hear about Roger's latest album, "Rise," produced by Larry Campbell. 

William Prince

William Prince grew up around music. His father always had a guitar laying around. His father, his grandfather, they were both musicians - preachers who sang from the pulpit. His mother and sister both sang.

We learn about how William found his voice, and about his amazing songs. His new album is "Reliever." Winning Juno Awards (the Canadian Grammy) hasn't filled his head with ego. You'll find him both humble and humbling.

Courtney Marie Andrews

Arizona singer-songwriter, Courtney Marie Andrews has captured our hearts with her new album, "Old Flowers."  We hear all about how the album came to be, and about some of the characters in Courtney's life growing up.

David Bromberg "Big Road"

David Bromberg has been a fixture in folk rock since forever. Well, alright, not forever, but for a long long time. His latest effort is produced by Larry Campbell and the CD version also features a really cool DVD with a few of the songs done to video.

Have a listen to my conversation with David.

Marc Delgado

We've been getting to know Marc Delgado for a few years. He moved here from California. He and his wife started a family and put down roots in the Woodstock area.

Marc's latest album, as he says, is aiming to be a bit more "cheerful," or at least "less dark."  The album he's working on is "Wildwood Road." His IndieGogo campaign is in full swing. The campaign ends on July 11th.  You can find more information about it at his website.

Dave Matthews
JB McCullough

Will Levith is editorial director at Saratoga Living/Capital Region Living. He told me that it has been a long time in the making, but he has finally gotten to do a story around Dave Matthews. We spoke of how Dave has become an institution, and how Saratoga was there at the beginning of Dave’s career. 

The next issue of the two magazines is the first combined issue and is out June 4th. 

Alexa Rose at Home

"Medicine for Living" had its origins in a road trip to California. Alexa Rose was driving, and listening to an old Gospel Radio show.  The song came to her.  We learn about how songs come to her, and she plays a few for us, too.

And if you get down to North Carolina, swing by Black Mountain Doughnut Factory.  Check out the doughnuts Alexa and her husband make!

Lucas Garrett

While the music industry wanders around trying to make sense of how to do its "business" during the pandemic, artists like Local 518 Lucas Garrett continue to do their thing - make music.

Lucas reached out as the outbreak was beginning. When we set up our session taping, I don't think either of us thought we'd be doing it this way. Lucas was in his home and I in mine. He recorded a couple acoustic numbers, we did the interview, and voila... 518 At Home Session with Lucas Garrett.

Mike + Ruthy


a group of nine people or things, especially musicians.
a musical composition for nine voices or instruments.

Mike + Ruthy brought back their folk rock band, The Mammals a couple years ago. They've been busy making records and touring. The band has morphed to play various venues from the classic Mike + Ruthy duo to a quintet, quartet, sextet, and apparently for this new album, "Nonet," nine people!

Caffe Lena 60th Anniversary

Happy anniversary to Caffe Lena! 60 years! Wow!

Executive Director, Sarah Craig and I talked about the plans to celebrate - even while we're social distancing and in the midst of a pandemic. Bands. Flatbed trailers. Trucks. Music. It's a parade! Plus, we discuss the importance of the Caffe and how essential they are to our health and that of the Local 518 music scene.

May 21st

12n-1p Parade through Saratoga

Bob Bates

Bob Bates (of the Bob Bates Band, Dyer Switch and so much more) will be releasing many songs that he's had collecting dust. We'll find them online soon!

Bob and I discussed the collection and play a few from those recordings he has made.  Have a listen. It is always a treat to have Bob by the studio. This time we kept our distance, I'm sad to say.  Find Bob on Facebook as Robert Bates.

Julia Alsarraf

Local 518 singer-songwriter Julia Alsarraf first came to our attention at one of The City of Albany's September in the City Art Fair events.  Her lovely stage presence coupled with a sweet voice and endearing lyrics in her songs helped cement our love for her and her music. 

One listen, and we know you'll be hooked, too! Her new EP, "Mixed Emotions" is out this weekend. Friday night at 7pm, join her at her website for a live stream virtual party.

Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara quickly became one of my favorite artists. She writes songs that really connect with me. I dig it when an artist can do that. Turns out, she agonizes over posting a selfie - I do that, too!  Although, I had no idea that one of her songs was inspired by that dilemma of having to post, and yet...