Chris Wienk

Afternoon DJ/Program Director

Chris Wienk
Mon-Fri 3-9pm

Chris grew up listening to his dad play the pipe organ. Chris always got into the deep bass notes. As a little boy, Chris could be found dancing in front of tiny, little stereo speakers that were playing old Simon & Garfunkel. To this day, Chris LOVES “The Boxer,” and can often be heard saying “groovy” (as in “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”).

Chris’ epiphany moment came in the summer of 1975 when he first heard Roxy Music’s “Love is the Drug.” That was the beginning of his quest for music that had such power and emotion.

Ain’t cha got no rhymes for me?
Doot-in’ doo-doo,
Feelin’ groovy.

Stories Told

Gary Moon and Alice Jenkins known as the folk duo Stories Told dropped by to talk with us about the Markets at Round Lake.  The Markets is a juried craft fair with food and drink, and of course Local 518 music.

The Markets at Round Lake is a two day festival in Round Lake (Exit 11 off the Northway) on the village green. There's ample parking and lots of vendors and more, Saturday and Sunday August 10th and 11th.

Music all day on Saturday, August 10th includes:

Hanzolo at WEXT

Meet a band from Cooperstown called Hanzolo. These guys have ties with each other that mostly date back to fourth grade. They learn a bit about each other as they reveal instruments the others had no idea they played (even if ever so briefly). An entertaining band to say the least, we learn how they got the band name and more. And yes, they are "Star Wars” fans, but that’s not exactly where the name comes from. 

Hear Hanzolo, and their very interesting blend of rock, funk, soul and jazz.

Ramblers Home

On a hot, steamy summer afternoon, we drove over to Galway for a special event recording. Ryan Sullivan's band, Ramblers Home played us a few songs, and he told stories of how the band and its songs came to be.

Find Ramblers Home at The Cock N Bull for their Tuesday residency through July, starting July 16.

Rochmon Bob Seger "Night Moves"

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club dropped by to talk with Chris Wienk about the Bob Seger classic "Night Moves." They discuss and play songs from "Live Bullet."

See Chuck and experience a Rochmon Record Club listening party with Bob Seger's "Night Moves" album on Tuesday, July 16th at Caffe Lena.

Honey Jar

A banjo uke, or sometimes referred to as a banjolele.  That's the fun instrument you'll hear in this session with a special duo from Hawaii.  Ellen Keehan is a Local 518 singer-songwriter, and Kristin Lagasse is from Maine. Both live on the Big Island in Hawaii.  They found each other playing a packed house show out in Hawaii.

Erin McKeown at WEXT

Just ahead of her show at Caffe Lena, the first of their monthly #PrideNight series, Erin McKeown dropped by to talk about her latest projects and work, including "Miss You Like Hell," her first Off-Broadway musical. She's working on another musical, and some new music in the form of an album, or EP that we cannot wait to hear.

In the meantime, enjoy her Live @ EXT Session.

Rochmon with Joyce Jackey

The Monkees! Everyone loves The Monkees!  

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club dropped by to talk with our own Chris Wienk about his upcoming Monkees retrospective.  June 18th, he's at Caffe Lena, and June 27th, he's at The Linda.

Take a listen...

Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney stopped by the studios on her way up to her CD release show at Caffe Lena. Her new CD, "Soil in the Sky," was released on June 14. In this session, she talks about how the album came to be. 

Chris Gockley

Local 518 singer-songwriter, Chris Gockley swung by to play a few songs from his new EP, "Fixer Upper." Chris' songs are at once personal and yet universal in nature. Chris drives around in a truck for his day job, but in his spare time, he has been working on his music craft.

Find his EP and how to reach out to him at his Bandcamp page.

The Belle Curves

Delaney Hafener dropped by to play songs from her latest project, The Belle Curves. The Long Island native has been to our studios before. She's one of the primary singer songwriters involved in the band Pandafan as well.

Delaney's new project focuses on her own songwriting - songs drawn from her own life experiences.  The songs come from a forthcoming album.

Jim Gaudet & Chris Wienk

Jim Gaudet has a way with words. From his stage banter with the stories and jokes he tells, to his lyrics, Jim has a way of keeping us hooked to listen more. The only problem I have is that I can't tell when he's telling me a "tall tale."  But that's not such a bad thing anyway. The stories are always great!

Jim's new album is a solo effort. He recorded it in the room he grew up in, where his musical identity began to form.  The album is "Real Stories & Other Tall Tales."

Chandler Travis
Cliff Spencer

Witnessing a Chandler Travis concert is like watching controlled chaos, an elephant dancing ballet, or some otherwordly expression of art.  Chandler sometimes doesn't take himself too seriously, but make no doubt, his music is both serious, sublime and yet whimsical.  

Chandler is playing at the Ale House in Troy on June 8th.

Broken Lilies team

Next Act! is an expansion of Capital Repertory Theatre’s (theREP) commitment to the development of new work. At the same time, the weekend long summit is designed to complement the Upper Hudson Valley’s rich diverse populations. For more information about NEXT ACT, visit the CapRep website.

Hear all about the premiere of the stage to screen short film, "Broken Lilies," here. "Broken Lilies" was shot locally with local talent, and is originally from a play found through Cap Rep's NEXT ACT.

Briston Maroney

Nashville singer songwriter, Briston Maroney tells us about his experience on American Idol. He said it changed his perspective on what he thought he might want out of a career in music.  The knowledge he gained about how the industry worked was immeasurable. 

Briston has put out his second EP, "Indiana," and hopes to have a full-length album down the road.


Bob Bates & John Nissavera

Author John Nassivera of Front Porch Storytelling is on a crusade to bring community together with his stories, and the various folks he engages to collaborate with him.

The next event they have scheduled is at the Sandy Hill Farmer's Market in Hudson Falls on June 20th. Learn more about what John and his collaborative friends, including Bob Bates of Dyer Switch, are up to.

Lucas Garrett at WEXT

Local 518 singer-songwriter, Lucas Garrett dropped by to talk about his new album, "Love Is Better."  He said he'd gone through a pretty rough spot in life, and says you've got to keep on going.  Press on!

Lucas' CD release show is at Downtown Social in Glens Falls on Friday, May 10th. The Facebook event page is here.

Steve Forbert

Singer-songwriter, Steve Forbert is one of our favorites. He has been one of my favorites since I first heard his "Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home" from the "Alive on Arrival" album.  His songs document life.  He recently released a memoir of stories from his coming up through the music industry, starting with his departure from Meridian, Mississippi at the age of 21.

Dan Berggren at WEXT

Dan Berggren comes from generations of Adirondack dwellers. So, when he took to music, it may have seemed natural for him to play Adirondack folk songs.

Sue Killam, Jodi Joseph and Chris Wienk

Mass MoCA keeps upping the game! This summer is jam packed! Not only are they playing host to Solid Sound (weekend passes sold out, but Friday and Sunday passes are available), and Freshgrass Festival, but they just announced The Pretenders!

George Benson "Walking to New Orleans"

George Benson wanted to try something completely different. He signed with a European label (a first for him), and took them up on a suggestion of what kind of new album to make. 

He went to Nashville to work with some serious "pickers." He said "you could really get off track with them as they're so good."  But he knew he had to stay the course and be true to the rock n roll legends he was going to cover - Fats Domino and Chuck Berry.

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club spends maybe a thousand hours listening to one album, looking up information about it, just to give you an unparalleled listening experience. Chuck likes to say you’ll "hear these records as if for the very first time."

Join Chuck, this week, as he presents two more great classics, Steely Dan's "Aja" (Thursday, 4/25 at The Linda) and Queen's "A Night at The Opera" (Friday, 4/26 at Proctors GE Theatre).

Michael Jerling & Bob Warren

Michael Jerling and Bob Warren have known each other, and supported each other's music in various ways since Michael first headed this way from Chicago.  But on May 4th, this will be the first time the two have performed on stage together with each other's songs.  Sort of... As you listen to the session, you will hear how they've played together over the years.  

Annie Dressner at WEXT

Annie Dressner appeared on oour radar some years ago. She's originally from Averill Park. She lives with her family in England these days.  Just this past year, after running into an issue with a house they had just bought, songs for "Broken Into Pieces" began to shape and form.

On her most recent visit to home, she dropped by to play a few songs and talk about the album.  She's playing at Superior Merchandise on Tuesday, April 23 with Girl Blue and Candy Ambulance.

Greg Haymes and Michael Eck Host Exit Dome broadcast
Bryan Thomas

It is with a sad and heavy heart that we have today, this Local 518 Thursday.  Last night, we learned of the passing of a dear friend of WEXT.  So much can be said of Greg Haymes. He was a great guy. He was a journalist, a critic, a musician - and was great at all of that. But he was so much more.  And to us, he was a very special individual.

Angelina Valente at WEXT

Local 518 Angelina Valente is releasing her new album, "You and Me."  She's written some pretty personal songs.  They ring with a true and honest voice. Wait until you hear the songs she sings for us.  She talks with us about her songwriting, her favorite place to play (especially to get to practice there), and growing up in a small town in upstate New York.

Her CD release is on Wednesday, April 10th at The Cock N Bull Restaurant in Galway, NY.

The Eddies Are Coming!

Apr 2, 2019
Jim Murphy & Sal Prizio from Proctors

Sunday, April 14 | Proctors Theatre


The inaugural Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards take place at Proctors Theatre this month. It's an opportunity to amplify, empower and celebrate professionals working in the area's wide-rangng music scene.

Burn The Stage book cover
Riverdale Avenue Books

The notion of unknowns doing what they had to do to become stars. It's as long as time.

New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro has been writing books on pop culture for many years. He's written about stars like Susan Sarandon, Adele, Santana, George Harrison, Justin Bieber, and now has written about BTS and the phenomenon called K-Pop.

Oshima Brothers

Sean and Jamie Oshima, Oshima Brothers, grew up in a musical household in Maine. They remember singing as a family while being driven to school. 

As they got older, they started making their own songs. Now, they not only write and record them but they create and edit their own videos. 

Screaming Orphans

Our new friends, the Diver sisters from Bundoran, Co. Donegal, Ireland, dropped by the day their album, "Life in a Carnival," was released. They were getting ready to play a special show in a community that loves them. They've played in the area several times before.

Joan, Angela, Gràinne and Marie Thérèse played songs from that new album, and we spoke about their life in music.

Hozier at The Palace

I sat down with Hozier at The Palace Theatre before his sold out show on March 11, 2019.  Hozier had just begun his tour and was downright ebullient over the release of his second album, "Wasteland, Baby."

We talked about his relationship with the blues and R&B, and his mother the the visual artist, and more.