Chris Wienk

Afternoon DJ/Program Director

Chris Wienk
Mon-Fri 3-9pm

Chris grew up listening to his dad play the pipe organ. Chris always got into the deep bass notes. As a little boy, Chris could be found dancing in front of tiny, little stereo speakers that were playing old Simon & Garfunkel. To this day, Chris LOVES “The Boxer,” and can often be heard saying “groovy” (as in “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”).

Chris’ epiphany moment came in the summer of 1975 when he first heard Roxy Music’s “Love is the Drug.” That was the beginning of his quest for music that had such power and emotion.

Ain’t cha got no rhymes for me?
Doot-in’ doo-doo,
Feelin’ groovy.

Bob Bates & John Nissavera

Author John Nissavera of Front Porch Storytelling is on a crusade to bring community together with his stories, and the various folks he engages to collaborate with him.

The next event they have scheduled is at the Sandy Hill Farmer's Market in Hudson Falls on June 20th. Learn more about what John and his collaborative friends, including Bob Bates of Dyer Switch, are up to.

Lucas Garrett at WEXT

Local 518 singer-songwriter, Lucas Garrett dropped by to talk about his new album, "Love Is Better."  He said he'd gone through a pretty rough spot in life, and says you've got to keep on going.  Press on!

Lucas' CD release show is at Downtown Social in Glens Falls on Friday, May 10th. The Facebook event page is here.

Steve Forbert

Singer-songwriter, Steve Forbert is one of our favorites. He has been one of my favorites since I first heard his "Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home" from the "Alive on Arrival" album.  His songs document life.  He recently released a memoir of stories from his coming up through the music industry, starting with his departure from Meridian, Mississippi at the age of 21.

Dan Berggren at WEXT

Dan Berggren comes from generations of Adirondack dwellers. So, when he took to music, it may have seemed natural for him to play Adirondack folk songs.

Sue Killam, Jodi Joseph and Chris Wienk

Mass MoCA keeps upping the game! This summer is jam packed! Not only are they playing host to Solid Sound (weekend passes sold out, but Friday and Sunday passes are available), and Freshgrass Festival, but they just announced The Pretenders!

George Benson "Walking to New Orleans"

George Benson wanted to try something completely different. He signed with a European label (a first for him), and took them up on a suggestion of what kind of new album to make. 

He went to Nashville to work with some serious "pickers." He said "you could really get off track with them as they're so good."  But he knew he had to stay the course and be true to the rock n roll legends he was going to cover - Fats Domino and Chuck Berry.

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club spends maybe a thousand hours listening to one album, looking up information about it, just to give you an unparalleled listening experience. Chuck likes to say you’ll "hear these records as if for the very first time."

Join Chuck, this week, as he presents two more great classics, Steely Dan's "Aja" (Thursday, 4/25 at The Linda) and Queen's "A Night at The Opera" (Friday, 4/26 at Proctors GE Theatre).

Michael Jerling & Bob Warren

Michael Jerling and Bob Warren have known each other, and supported each other's music in various ways since Michael first headed this way from Chicago.  But on May 4th, this will be the first time the two have performed on stage together with each other's songs.  Sort of... As you listen to the session, you will hear how they've played together over the years.  

Annie Dressner at WEXT

Annie Dressner appeared on oour radar some years ago. She's originally from Averill Park. She lives with her family in England these days.  Just this past year, after running into an issue with a house they had just bought, songs for "Broken Into Pieces" began to shape and form.

On her most recent visit to home, she dropped by to play a few songs and talk about the album.  She's playing at Superior Merchandise on Tuesday, April 23 with Girl Blue and Candy Ambulance.

Greg Haymes and Michael Eck Host Exit Dome broadcast
Bryan Thomas

It is with a sad and heavy heart that we have today, this Local 518 Thursday.  Last night, we learned of the passing of a dear friend of WEXT.  So much can be said of Greg Haymes. He was a great guy. He was a journalist, a critic, a musician - and was great at all of that. But he was so much more.  And to us, he was a very special individual.

Angelina Valente at WEXT

Local 518 Angelina Valente is releasing her new album, "You and Me."  She's written some pretty personal songs.  They ring with a true and honest voice. Wait until you hear the songs she sings for us.  She talks with us about her songwriting, her favorite place to play (especially to get to practice there), and growing up in a small town in upstate New York.

Her CD release is on Wednesday, April 10th at The Cock N Bull Restaurant in Galway, NY.

The Eddies Are Coming!

Apr 2, 2019
Jim Murphy & Sal Prizio from Proctors

Sunday, April 14 | Proctors Theatre


The inaugural Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards take place at Proctors Theatre this month. It's an opportunity to amplify, empower and celebrate professionals working in the area's wide-rangng music scene.

Burn The Stage book cover
Riverdale Avenue Books

The notion of unknowns doing what they had to do to become stars. It's as long as time.

New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro has been writing books on pop culture for many years. He's written about stars like Susan Sarandon, Adele, Santana, George Harrison, Justin Bieber, and now has written about BTS and the phenomenon called K-Pop.

Oshima Brothers

Sean and Jamie Oshima, Oshima Brothers, grew up in a musical household in Maine. They remember singing as a family while being driven to school. 

As they got older, they started making their own songs. Now, they not only write and record them but they create and edit their own videos. 

Screaming Orphans

Our new friends, the Diver sisters from Bundoran, Co. Donegal, Ireland, dropped by the day their album, "Life in a Carnival," was released. They were getting ready to play a special show in a community that loves them. They've played in the area several times before.

Joan, Angela, Gràinne and Marie Thérèse played songs from that new album, and we spoke about their life in music.

Hozier at The Palace

I sat down with Hozier at The Palace Theatre before his sold out show on March 11, 2019.  Hozier had just begun his tour and was downright ebullient over the release of his second album, "Wasteland, Baby."

We talked about his relationship with the blues and R&B, and his mother the the visual artist, and more.

Listen: Local 518 Saffi

Mar 18, 2019
Saffi at WEXT

Saffi is the primary songwriter for and lead singer for the western New York based band, Leyda.  Saffi went to school right here in Voorheesville. She was back for a holiday visit home with the family and took some time to drop by to play songs and talk about her music and her band.

The Insolent WIllies

Johnstown's The Insolent Willies dropped by to play a few songs and talk about music and their upcoming shows.  We learn a bit about Bill Ackerbauer and Frank Dever Pullen as they play as a duo for us in the studio.

See The Insolent Willies at The Low Beat opening for Stevie Tombstone on March 28th. And on the 23rd at Stoney's Irish Grill.

Kevin McKrell at WEXT

Kevin McKrell dropped by to discuss a reformation of Donnybrook Fair. They're playing a few area shows this week. There are not plans beyond occasional shows, but Kevin is in the process of readying a new solo album. He's finalizing the songs. We hope to hear he's recording later this year.

Katie Louise

Katie Louise dropped by to talk about hew new EP, "Unleash."  We discussed songwriting, her CD release show and specifically about two of the 7 songs on the EP.  Turns out the first song we play in the interview was a song she wrote at 16. It's called "Imprisoned in Paradise."

John Brodeur of Bird Streets

John Brodeur is a name we've known for many years. He has led bands, hosted open mics, moved away, and returned. His latest project, based in NYC, is called Bird Streets.  Hear him play songs acoustically, and learn more about John and his latest project.

Meadow Mountain

High in the mountains near Denver Colorado is a mountain called Meadow Mountain. Near the base of that mountain is where the members of the band Meadow Mountain gathered to form the band they are today. And they are a band in the truest sense of the word.

From the first few notes of "Radio Waves," it became apparent to us that we needed to help spread their word and their music.

Shannon McNally at WEXT

Shannon McNally tells us, "I believe in the song."

Chuck Vosganian and Chris Wienk

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club is a veritable font of information about some of the most iconic records in rock history. Thursday, February 28th, join him and the whole gang for a listening party all around Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the "Deja Vu" album. 

Find details at The Linda's website.

Hear the conversation from the radio right here.

Dan Berggren

Dan Berggren and I talk about his career making music, the first open mic at Caffe Lena, his first song, and the view his mother and grandfather saw of the Sleeping Giant in the Adirondacks.

Plus, Dan plays a few delightful songs, including one that was in his short set that first open mic at Caffe Lena.

Dan plays two shows at Caffe Lena on March 2nd to celebrate his 70th birthday. The later show is sold out  contact Caffe Lena to see if tickets are still available for the matinee.

Natalie Prass at WEXT

Natalie Prass is from Richmond, VA. She's released her latest album called "The Future and the Past" to great acclaim. Along the way, she made a stop by the studios to talk with me about her album, and then went to The Linda to play a concert.

Rebecca Loebe "Give Up Your Ghosts"

One of my favorite singer-songwriters has been Rebecca Loebe. She caught my attention, like she did millions of others, when she was on the first season of NBC's The Voice.  Much to my chagrin, she was not in the final running.

Bob Bates & JoAnn Sifo

Bob Bates and JoAnn Sifo of Dyer Switch Band playing songs of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. A special tribute on February 10 at 3pm at The Strand in Hudson Falls.

The live show sold out last year, and this is the 60th anniversary of the "day the music died." So, if you think you want to go, you should call up the Strand to get your tickets (518.832.3484).

Have a listen!

Mike + Ruthy


Ruth Ungar and Mike Merenda of The Mammals make their home in West Hurley, NY (nearWoodstock) and while they’ve supported their family thus far thru their music career, this recentturn has been a head scratcher. Live shows are still a source of income, but the actual sale ofphysical or digital recordings has become a novelty rather than a mainstay. Rather than stopcreating new work, though, they keep doing it. Why?

John Gorka

John Gorka dropped by around the release of his latest record, "True in Time." We learn the story of how that song came to be, and all about the guy who is "from New Jersey."

For more information about John, visit his website.