Chris Wienk

Afternoon DJ/Program Director

Chris Wienk
Mon-Fri 3-9pm

Chris grew up listening to his dad play the pipe organ. Chris always got into the deep bass notes. As a little boy, Chris could be found dancing in front of tiny, little stereo speakers that were playing old Simon & Garfunkel. To this day, Chris LOVES “The Boxer,” and can often be heard saying “groovy” (as in “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”).

Chris’ epiphany moment came in the summer of 1975 when he first heard Roxy Music’s “Love is the Drug.” That was the beginning of his quest for music that had such power and emotion.

Ain’t cha got no rhymes for me?
Doot-in’ doo-doo,
Feelin’ groovy.

Sten & Maria Z. at WEXT

They've known each other since 1994. They've been playing in different configurations and different "bands" ever since. The latest incarnation is Sten & Maria Z, two of the area's best guitar players in one duo.

They dropped by to play a few songs, talk about improvisation, and "trust" on stage.  We learn that they are working on a recording as the duo.  

And this Friday night, they'are playing at The Linda.

Keanen Stark & Orion Kribs

We've been big fans of Orion Kribs since we first learned about his amazing mandolin skills. Plus, he's a funny guy.  When we found out that he was in yet another project with another musician, we thought we should have him by to see what this one was all about.  Enter Keanen Stark.

This was something else!  Check out these very young guys singing some very old songs, and the ones they played for us this time aren't even the oldest they play.  Rock on!

Find more about these guys at their Facebook page.

Drank the Gold

Oona Grady and James Gascoyne are Drank the Gold Playing a special brand of roots music that mixes with traditional Irish music, Drank the Gold have been making a name for themselves. They've been playing regularly throughout the area.

They've just finished their debut album, "Sipped the Silver." We find out how they got their name, and the name of the new album.

Chuck Vosganian Rochmon Reccord Club

Chuck Vosganian is at it again!

His Rochmon Record Club is headed to The Linda on October 17th to put their sound system to the test. His next album to listen to with you is "Abbey Road," the newly remixed and remastered, and put into 5.1 Surround Sound version.  Wait until you hear it as if you were part of the band, or in the recording studio when they created it.

Winter Wondergrass - April 10-11, 2020

Scotty Stoughton of Winter Wondergrass and I talked all about the whole idea behind Winter Wondergrass, the special nature and vibe they intend to create.  And then we talked all about the line up for this coming Winter Wondergrass at Stratton Mountain, April 10-11, 2020.

Jonathan Newell

Jonathan Newell of Hudson River Music Hall Productions sat down with me to talk all about a cool show at The Egg that he has put together for October 12th.

Hear all about Ballet Meets The Beatles...

The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea is Chuck and Mira Costa. We've been lovin' them since we first met them as they moved to the area. They were quickly embraced by the Local 518 community.  I mean, how could they not be! They are the loveliest people, and their harmonies are so sweet and pure. I know I'm addicted.

Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan

Sunday, October 6th at 4pm | The Cohoes Music Hall

I had the luck of getting a few minutes to talk with one of the world's foremost sitar players. Shahid Parvez comes from a long line (7 generations!) of a family of world class sitar players.  He and I talk about how he got started with his grandfather at the very young age of 3 and 4. 

Girl Blue & Dark Honey

Synergia Dance Project has pulled together songs from Girl Blue, Dark Honey & The Sea The Sea The songs tell a story of the end of a relationship.  Along with the music, Nadine Medina has created a cinematic ballet experience to tell the story.

Alyssa Rose

Alyssa Rose is one of my favorite storytelling songwriters. It’s been a couple years since she’s come over our way.  At the moment, she’s finishing her advanced degree program.  While studying and working on her degree, she continues to work on her music. She took a bit of a break for a short hiatus. Recently, she has been getting back into her music. She has been playing as the accompanying music for yoga classes, among other things. 

Julia Alsarraf

Local 518 singer, Julia Alsarraf dropped by to record a few new songs. Her songs are personal  sometimes they’re about her life. Sometimes they’re about people she knows. Julia admits she loves to engage her fans at shows. She loves to perform. And she looks forward to connecting with audience members who identify with her personal songs.

Julia will be with us for the final FALLbany show on September 26 from 1130am until 2pm. 

The Gibson Brothers at WEXT

When is a bluegrass band not a bluegrass band? Well, sometimes when The Gibson Brothers play as the "Mockingbird" band, they are playing their brand of country rock, complete with electric guitars and drums. We had the chance to hang with Leigh and Eric with a few bandmates who then proceeded to play songs from their new album as an electrified country rock band, but in an acoustic setting.

In fact, Eric let on that this session has the first and only time (so far) that they have played "Lay Your Body Down" as an acoustic set up.  Let's rock Gibson Brother-style.

Emily Wolfe

On her way to play a show at The Linda, Austin, TX rocker - and amazing guitarist, Emily Wolfe stopped by to play a few songs in the studio. We discussed being in recovery, and how she's able to function in the music world filled with temptations. She share her feelings on all kinds of musical thoughts, including her favorite artists.  (Note: one of my favorites - ever - is on her list, making me like her even more).

Galen Passen

Wonder what happens when you mix classical Indian music with traditional Irish music? We sat down with sitarist Galen Passen from Saratoga Springs to find out. Galen talked about his new project called Folk Song, demonstrated how a sitar is played and more in this special session. 

Folk Song is set to play their first gig at Caffe Lena on September 11. Connect with Galen and Folk Song on Facebook

Plan-T Music playing at WEXT

Local 518 folk rocker Wyatt Stockwell and his bandmate from Plan-T Music, Larry, dropped by to play a few songs and talk up a special benefit for homeless veterans.

The benefit takes place Sunday, September 8th at VFW Post 420 in Saratoga Springs. For more information visit their Facebook event page.

Mary Scholz at WEXT

Philadelphia singer-songwriter, Mary Scholz makes California her home. Her latest full length record is all about the journey westward to make California her new home.  She's been out touring and continuing to create great songs. She delivers her latest, and a brand new song that will come out soon.

We talk about the meaning of life, in a way, and the importance of women in our society, and in our lives.

Mike Grutka at WEXT

Local 518 singer songwriter, Mike Grutka dropped by to play us his new songs, and to cover a treasured gem.  Mike has been with us since pretty near Day One.  His development as a songwriter, and as a producer, has been fun to witness. Plus, it is always a fun time to sit and talk with Mike. We always end up with at least one sillly photo.

Molly Durnin

Local 518 singer-songwriter, Molly Durnin now lives in Davenport, IA, but luckily for us, she swings back home for some vacation time at her camp in the Adirondacks. While here, she stopped by to play some new songs for us.

Molly has a couple local shows this week and next week, too. Tomorrow (August 16), she's at Molly O'Brien's in Albany, and on the 24th, she's at Brunswick BBQ.

Kevin McKrell at WEXT

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Kevin McKrell dropped by to talk about new songs, a new album (don't ask), and some shows he has coming toward the end of August and in early September. He'll be playing shows with Donnybrook Fair and with his band The McKrells

Donnybrook Fair plays August 30 (Parting Glass) and 31 (Scottish Games, Altamont Fairgrounds) and September 1 (Parting Glass)

Kevin McKrell with his band at Caffe Lena on September 6th.

KASA Quartet & Friends

Caroga Lake Music FestivalNow in its eighth season, the festival is dedicated to increasing accessibility to chamber music, cultivating creative and interactive experiences and showcasing some of the world’s top professional artists from the U.S. and abroad.


Upcoming events include:



Aug. 10: Air Traffic Controller

Aug. 11: Sawyer Fredericks


Bob Bates

Local 518 Bob Bates (of the Dyer Switch Band) once played with Charlie Louvin and made several appearances at the Grand Ole Opry both with Charlie and his band, and with the Bob Bates Band.  He has stories to tell.  And Bob plays us a couple of his songs.


Chuck Vosganian Rochmon Reccord Club

Chuck Vosganian of the Rochmon Record Club takes us on a trip back to 1970 for "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" for his next listening party at The Linda on July 25th.

Learn all about the dynamics that made the band, the music, the players, and more.  To hear just a little bit of what a Rochmon Record Club listening party is like, eavesdrop in on my conversation with Chuck.

Where: The Linda

When: July 25th at 8pm

Stories Told

Gary Moon and Alice Jenkins known as the folk duo Stories Told dropped by to talk with us about the Markets at Round Lake.  The Markets is a juried craft fair with food and drink, and of course Local 518 music.

The Markets at Round Lake is a two day festival in Round Lake (Exit 11 off the Northway) on the village green. There's ample parking and lots of vendors and more, Saturday and Sunday August 10th and 11th.

Music all day on Saturday, August 10th includes:

Hanzolo at WEXT

Meet a band from Cooperstown called Hanzolo. These guys have ties with each other that mostly date back to fourth grade. They learn a bit about each other as they reveal instruments the others had no idea they played (even if ever so briefly). An entertaining band to say the least, we learn how they got the band name and more. And yes, they are "Star Wars” fans, but that’s not exactly where the name comes from. 

Hear Hanzolo, and their very interesting blend of rock, funk, soul and jazz.

Ramblers Home

On a hot, steamy summer afternoon, we drove over to Galway for a special event recording. Ryan Sullivan's band, Ramblers Home played us a few songs, and he told stories of how the band and its songs came to be.

Find Ramblers Home at The Cock N Bull for their Tuesday residency through July, starting July 16.

Rochmon Bob Seger "Night Moves"

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club dropped by to talk with Chris Wienk about the Bob Seger classic "Night Moves." They discuss and play songs from "Live Bullet."

See Chuck and experience a Rochmon Record Club listening party with Bob Seger's "Night Moves" album on Tuesday, July 16th at Caffe Lena.

Honey Jar

A banjo uke, or sometimes referred to as a banjolele.  That's the fun instrument you'll hear in this session with a special duo from Hawaii.  Ellen Keehan is a Local 518 singer-songwriter, and Kristin Lagasse is from Maine. Both live on the Big Island in Hawaii.  They found each other playing a packed house show out in Hawaii.

Erin McKeown at WEXT

Just ahead of her show at Caffe Lena, the first of their monthly #PrideNight series, Erin McKeown dropped by to talk about her latest projects and work, including "Miss You Like Hell," her first Off-Broadway musical. She's working on another musical, and some new music in the form of an album, or EP that we cannot wait to hear.

In the meantime, enjoy her Live @ EXT Session.

Rochmon with Joyce Jackey

The Monkees! Everyone loves The Monkees!  

Chuck Vosganian of Rochmon Record Club dropped by to talk with our own Chris Wienk about his upcoming Monkees retrospective.  June 18th, he's at Caffe Lena, and June 27th, he's at The Linda.

Take a listen...

Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney stopped by the studios on her way up to her CD release show at Caffe Lena. Her new CD, "Soil in the Sky," was released on June 14. 

Heather Maloney's new album, "Soil in the Sky," was made with the participation of her fans who helped choose the songs. It was different than has been done with these fan supported records of late. This time, Heather went out on tour with the songs, and then asked people to vote on them. She tallied up the votes and ended up with an album.