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Jim Gaudet Presents Jim Gaudet

Jim Gaudet at home interview
Jim Gaudet at home interview

Jim Gaudet was letting me know about how he's hoping to get some folks to put ears to his older songs. I remember when we first launched WEXT. I was told about this singer songwriter from the area. The person mispronounced Jim's name, but I found the records. CDs, actually. They were from the 90's. Really some great songs.

Starting in March, Jim is re-issuing these songs each month. Even if you're a fan from way back then, you're going to want to refamiliarize yourself with these songs. The first one he shared with me centers around a mythological character who would take "cognac and roses" to Edgar Allan Poe's grave in the wee hours on Poe's birthday.

In the interview, hear the song, which dates back to "oh, I don't know... sometime in the late 90's." And we'll hear a new song from the Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys album "Hillbilly Rock and Roll Straight From the Still."

Jim and the band are playing at Caffe Lena on March 5th, and just announced they're returning to Grey Foxthis summer, too.

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