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Let's Make a Song: Tails & Tales

Let's Make a Song 4 at the Diver Library
The Diver Library
Let's Make a Song 4 at the Diver Library

We did it again. The Diver Library in Schaghticoke, aka Deep Diver Studios, locked its doors once more, pressed record, and banged its drums in support of creativity, courage, friendship, fun, and music.

And like every year, we’re absolutely astounded—floored by what beautiful, brave, insightful, heartfelt, zany, creepy, unique songs our friends and neighbors had lurking inside them, just lying dormant, like coiled rattlesnakes of rock n roll, waiting to unfurl and poison your eardrums with positivity!

This is Let’s Make a Song! Volume 4. Tails and Tales.

Please enjoy. There is no antidote for what you are about to hear.

LMAS-4 Tails & Tales: Interview
Segment 01 LMAS-4
LMAS-4 Tails & Tales - The Kids Album
LMAS-4 Tails & Tales: The Adults' Album
LMAS-4 Segment 03