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Local 518 Frank Palangi: One Man Band

Queensbury, NY singer, songwriter, guitarist Frank Palangi never had a "Plan B." Music has been his life. Music IS his life.

When it comes down to the saying, "Rock Isn't Dead", Palangi reignites the fuel on a genre that refuses to die. "Rock" is a way of life for a musician that lives and breathes his passion. It's not about drugs or the image of the lifestyle. Sure it rises and falls in and out of pop culture, but stands the test of time as one of the most favorite and well recognized. Whether it's the feeling of a raw, personal unplugged acoustic set or the full driving energy and sound of the electric guitar, his positive outlook and interaction with people has always been number one. A "millennial" for terms sake, wears many hats from recording, mixing, producing, video work, hosting interviews to teaching guitar lessons to make any sort of full time in this day in age of music living and extreme inflation. His mission statement is always has been "I have no plan b in backing down on my dreams." since his early demos . Palangi's style tips the hat on the past 30 year evolution of the 80s & 90s rock & post grunge genres mixed with a taste of heavy metal.

Catch Frank Palangi performing on the Local 518 Lakehouse Stage at the 75th annual Albany Tulip Festival, May 13th.