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Listen: The Contagious Sounds of Trousdale


If it's criminal to have songs so infectious and harmonies so chill inducing, then this all-female L.A. trio is getting locked up and they're throwing away the key.
Quinn D'Andrea (Vocals, Piano), Georgia Greene (Vocals, Percussion), and Lauren Jones (Vocals, Guitar) of Trousdale met during their time at the University of Southern California's Popular Music Program and have earned critical acclaim for their heartfelt harmonies and messages of empowerment. They've been compared to The Chicks and The Staves who have also helped shape their musical identity.

In this Live@EXT session, Quinn and Georgia chat with Dave Michaels about their formation, musical heroes, and creation of their debut album, Out of My Mind. Plus, hear them perform acoustic versions of "If I'm Honest," "Movie Star," and "Can't Get Your Love Back" off the record.

See Trousdale live at Lark Hall in Albany, Monday, January 15th at 8pm.
Tickets HERE.