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The Local 518 Show 1716

Some Dad's like their radio eclectic, unique, diverse. Have him listen to Exit 97.7 WEXT tonight at 11pm for The Local 518 Show with Andy Gregory (he's a cool Daddy-O, too!). He's sure to like something from the playlist, from the Adirondack Angels cd by Julie Venne-Hogan (of Beartracks), Lüt - The Band, Anthony Fallacaro, The Maloy Brothers, Russel the Leaf, Angela Bove, or Sean Rowe?

Maybe prefers tunes along the lines of "rock-ET soul"? Then turn him onto The Attic Classic by Peter Prince's Moon Boot Lover. From 'Band on Earth' the track is "Blame Myself" - from 17 years ago.

Directly after, stayed tuned in for a 518 Session live performance and conversation with Sydney Worthley.