The Local 518 Show

Thursdays at 11pm


WEXT’s original half hour show dedicated to new and significant music from the Local 518's diverse music scene. Each episode also features a deep classic from the local music scene’s past.

You’ll hear a variety of artists and genres from the Local 518; from Bryan Thomas to Mary Leigh Roohan, from Jocelyn & Chris Arndt to Conehead Buddha, from Bob Warren to Sandy McKnight, from North & South Dakotas to The Sea The Sea and even national breakouts like Sean Rowe and Sawyer Fredericks and Phantogram and Sirsy.


The Local 518 Show showcases original music from bands and musicians based in, or have strong ties to, the Capital District. Each show features a classic song/band from generally a decade or more ago. The roots rock format of 97.7 WEXT-FM is generally a determining factor for airplay, but nearly all, except for extreme styles of music, are considered. All submissions will be listened to, but cannot guarantee submissions will be played on-air.

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* Submissions must ONLY be made by band/artist or designated representative.
* Provide band/artist name, album/song names, track listing, contact name & email, website/social media info, and where the band/artist is from.
* A brief bio is helpful.
* For unconventional spellings, a pronunciation guide is helpful.
* For albums/EP's, please indicate up to 3 tracks/songs to be considered.
* Profanity is strongly discouraged. Identify which songs are not FCC-clean for airplay. If it's in a song you would like us to consider, please provide a cleaned-up version, or note the word and time-stamp it occurs.

Send CD's and information noted above to:
Attn: The Local 518 Show
4 Global View
Troy, NY 12180

Email a download link to music and info noted above to Include in the subject line "Local 518 Show Submission". The preferred format is MP3 encoded at 320kbs or wav files. Use of free transfer and cloud-based storage is encouraged.

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Local 518 Show 1924

On this edition of the Local 518 Show, new & old favorites were featured by The Figgs, Sirsy, Wild Adriatic, The North & South Dakotas, We're History, and Tambourelli & Her SuperTrips. A definite favorite was featured for the Attic Classic - "All of the Hard Days Are Gone" from The McKrells 'Something Fierce' album of 2000.

Local 518 Show 1922

On this Local 518 show there's a half hour of rocking tunes from Blackcat Elliot, Pacer Test, Bad Mothers, Moriah Formica, Mystery Girl, Candy Ambulance, and Front Biz - including an Attic Classic from 2004 by The Sixfifteens.

Local 518 Music Report

Happy Halloween! Here's a treat for all you fans, supporters, and creators of music (and more) in the Capital District (and a bit beyond).

Courtesy of Local 518 Show host Andy Gregory and WEXT Radio, get your very own PDF copy of The Local 518 Music (and More) Report - 2019 Quarter 3. The report covers the time period of July 1st to September 30th, 2019. Be sure to share!

Click here to view the PDF.

Eric Krans Five Kill Records Birthday Show

Every day, we hear great new music coming from the Local 518. Many of these releases we hear and play are completely on their own releases, the epitome of DIY.  

This September is the 1 year anniversary of the start of the non-profit Local 518 record label known as Five Kill Records. Operated by artists as though it were a collective, the label has had a very busy year.  This special hour, hosted by Eric Krans of the band The Parlor, showcases music from many of the releases from this past year.

Josh Norek singing with The Figgs
Josh Norek

From the first moment I heard The Figgs in Albany during the summer of 1994, I knew they were my band.  I've loved their raucous brand of power pop and melodic rock ever since.  As an uber fan, I thought I'd see about formulating a special radio show to celebrate what was their 25th anniversary in 2015. (On that day that The Figgs were visiting me in Northern California, they also made me sing their classic "Bad Luck Sammie"in Spanish!! evidenced by the photo)

Have a listen to a piece of history from the Local 518.

Local 518 Show

Any time in the Capital Region, music discovery is fine! Hear recent finds on this Local 518 show by Ony Antonucci (with Aaron Mittler), Cab Kool & The Gypsy Band, The Jagaloons, Lucas Garrett, Last Daze, Playin' With Fire Band, and Wow & Flutter. In 1956, St. Joseph Academy senior Eddie Plew took a swing at a singing career and connected with a home run. His 45 of "I Can't Pretend" is the Attic Classic.

Local 518 Show

Get hip, daddy-o, to new sounds on this episode of The Local 518 Show by Marilyn Miller, Emily Mitchell, Bruiser and Bicycle, Lip Talk, Greens, and Motorbike. We remember the past too. We lost Caroline "MotherJudge" Isachsen to pancreatic cancer in March. She was known by many as host of the "Best Damn Open Mic Ever". One of the first groups she played and sang with was The Siren Sisters String Band. The Attic Classic is one of Caroline's signature songs, "Green Eyes", from 1990.

Local 518 Show

WEXT takes a lot of pride in bringing you a variety of artists, and especially supporting our creative locals. Have a listen to this episode of the Local 518 Show with a collection of tunes by Taina Asili, Matt Maguire, Victory Soul Orchestra, Amanda Case, and MIRK. The Attic Classic feature spotlights the Out of Control Rhythm & Blues Band "Inside These Walls" - the lead track from their 1996 CD 'Shake the Nation'.

The Local Show 1918

Jun 10, 2019
Local 518 Show

The Capital District rocks! And so will you on this episode of the Local 518 Show. Throw the horns to tunes by Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, Grace Under Fire, Mr. Cancelled, Millington, The Weasels, Ritz Carlton, and Sirsy. The Attic Classic heads back to the Albany music scene of the1990's with "To You Jane" from Private Plain's 1990 disc 'Godwatching'.

The Local 518 Show 1917

May 25, 2019
Local 518 Show

Continue your discovery of past and future favorite bands and artists on The Local 518 Show, with songs byScott MacPherson, Marty Wendell, Girl Blue, Last Daze, The Abyssmals, Jim Sande, and The Slaughterhouse Chorus.  Albany, New York doo-wop quintet The Fidelitys' second single "Memories Of You" is the Attic Classic, from 1958.

Local 518 Music Report

Courtesy of Local 518 Show host Andy Gregory and WEXT Radio, get your very own PDF copy of The Local 518 Music (and More) Report - 2019 Quarter 1. The report covers the time period of January 1st to March 31st, 2019. Be sure to share! 

Click here for the PDF.

Local 518 Show 1916

Ever notice that the flow of great music is nearly constant in the Local 518? Catch the wave and enjoy tunes on this episode from The Sea The Sea, Stellar Young, Hand Habits, Bruiser and Bicycle, Sawyer Fredericks, Leah Woods, and Donnie. The Attic Classic is the title track from the Ashley Pond Band 2009 album 'The Waiting.'

Local 518 Show

So much great local music on this episode of The Local 518 Show, you could float a boat on it. Catch the wave of tunes by Sydney Worthley, C.K. & The Rising Tide, Hasty Page, Mike Grutka, Honey Slider, Bird Streets, and Let's Be Leonard. For the Attic Classic we go back to 2008 for "Modest Birds", from Matthew Loiacono's album 'Kentucky' - the name taken from his mandolin brand.

Local 518 Show

Can you feel it? That local music vibe, that sonic energy pulsing through the air? There's so much of it, Andy Gregory could only grab a bit for this Local 518 Show. Hear the songs by Hartley's Encore, Bright Dog Red, Mitch Elrod & MotherJudge, Buggy Jive, and Capital Zen.

Jocamo has always brought an old school brew of funk, R&B, soul, and rock to the masses. In 2001, they released 'You Know That It’s True'. The Attic Classic selection is "Clean It Up", the first track from that disc.

There's an unlimited number of great bands in the Local 518. Some are on great local record labels too! Local 518 show host Andy Gregory samples some of the bands represented on Five Kill Records & Bee Side Cassettes. And there's a duo, along with the Attic Classic band, that are all indie. Hear songs by Hate Club, Bear Grass, Blue Ranger, Broken Field Runner, Neighborhood of Make Believe, and Doctor Baker. The origin of our Attic Classic band The Sifters began around 20 years ago at a restaurant in Cooperstown. The only Sifters album that there ever was, was released in May 2004.

Local 518 Show

On this episode of The Local 518 Show, we've got stories. Show host Andy Gregory picked out tuneful tales by Andrew Mirabile, Chris O'Leary, Michael Jerling, Katie Louise, Haley Moley, and the Tom Atkins Band.

Greg Haymes and Michael Eck Host Exit Dome broadcast
Bryan Thomas

It is with a sad and heavy heart that we have today, this Local 518 Thursday.  Last night, we learned of the passing of a dear friend of WEXT.  So much can be said of Greg Haymes. He was a great guy. He was a journalist, a critic, a musician - and was great at all of that. But he was so much more.  And to us, he was a very special individual.

Local 518 Show

Continuing discovery of your past and future favorite bands and artists on The Local 518 Show, Andy Gregory has songs by Los Elk, Laveda, Bird Streets, Small Town Glow, The Gibson Brothers, Bob Warren, and Alexandra Higgins. 

Mark Gamsjager & The Lustre Kings have kept the spirit of American roots rock music alive and well for decades. Their 1997 debut, 'Mark Gamsjager Rocks & The Lustre Kings Roll' pounded in the signposts for the styles future records would visit. The Attic Classic is "Bopalena", the first track off that record.

The Eddies Are Coming!

Apr 2, 2019
Jim Murphy & Sal Prizio from Proctors

Sunday, April 14 | Proctors Theatre


The inaugural Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards take place at Proctors Theatre this month. It's an opportunity to amplify, empower and celebrate professionals working in the area's wide-rangng music scene.

Local 518 Show 1909

It's an all instrumental episode of The Local 518 Show this time around. Show host Andy Gregory features tracks by Stefon Harris & Blackout, Michael Bohne, Victory Soul Orchestra, Alexander Kash, Mike Campese, Maria Zemantauski, and Groovestick.

Local 518 Show 1908

Like a little rock, soul, and blues on your Local 518 show? You've come to the right place! On this episode, Andy Gregory features songs by Wild Adriatic + Dan Rodriguez, Lou's Blues, Albert Cummings, James Rock, Playin' With Fire Band, and Mark Tolstrup. The Attic Classic is from Albany's "Ambassador of the Blues" Ernie Williams, who passed away in 2012. "Tell Me Baby What’s Wrong With You" comes from Ernie Williams & The Wildcats 1997 'Harvest Time' disc.

Local 518 Show 1907

Miss the Local 518 Show? Never fear, it's available here! Turn it up loud, anywhere you are, because Andy Gregory's playing rocking tunes from Northern Faces, Good Fiction, Blockhouses, Promiser, ImaginaryFriends, and MOTORBIKE. The Attic Classic is “Ring Out Wild Bells”, a track from The Sundowner’s ‘Captain Nemo’ record, released in 1968.

Mold. Broken. MotherJudge

Mar 12, 2019
Mother Judge at Exit Dome 5, Jan 2012

Exit Dome 5—Jan. 28, 2012. Caroline MotherJudge was at the peak of her considerable powers. While she is rightfully praised in her passing as a giving soul, community organizer and relentless promoter of others, let’s not forget her own inspiring, righteous skills as a singer, songwriter and musician. Husband Sten Isachsen and longtime cohort Bob Buckley might be the ringers for the night, but she is leading the band, just as anyone who ever worked alongside her will tell you. This is the stuff!

Local 518 Show 1906

Andy Gregory illuminates some of the local bands and artists on The Local 518 Show. During this episode, his playlist is lit with songs by Jeff Brisbin, PJ Duo, Scott MacPherson, Ryan Leddick Trio, Zan & the Winter Folk, and The Hudson Dusters. For the Attic Classic, he shines a light on the somewhat tragic tale of Woodstock performer Bert Sommer, and plays "Jennifer", the first song he played at that gathering 50 years ago.

Local 518 Show

Late February's weather has got us thinking that spring can't be to far off. Meanwhile, we have another episode of The Local 518 Show with Andy Gregory. Playlist this week contains No More Death Stars, Gordon St., Hitrick and Brooks, The Age, Young Culture, and Intelligent Television. The Attic Classic is by Timbre Coup [tam-ber koo] - “Part B” was the second song they wrote, comes from their first album 'Fools Gold', which came out in 2009.

Local 518 Show 1904

During this episode of The Local 518 Show, Andy Gregory features songs by Andy 'Ayo B' O'Brien, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, Drishti, Blue Ranger, Bear Grass, Hand Habits, and The Sea The Sea. The Attic Classic is from Sugar Cookie, a "band" online collaboration between Dan Sorensen, Bryan Thomas, Ben & Olivia Karis-Nix, Frank & Martha Moscowitz, Bob Buckley, and Troy Pohl. The 'Sugar Cookie Music' collection of songs came out in 2006, reflecting the influences & sound of several bands from the vibrant Albany music scene of that time.

Local 518 Show 1903

On this episode of The Local 518 Show, Andy Gregory's playlist features songs by C.K. & The Rising Tide, The Gibson Brothers, Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band, The William Deuel Band, Roan Yellowthorn, and Shane Guerrette. The Attic Classic is a country rock song from Larry Quinn and his band Tree Fox. "Wanderin' Man" comes from their 1979 album 'Rough Road.'


Local 518 Music Report

Fans, supporters, and creators of music (and more) in the Capital District!

Courtesy of Local 518 Show host Andy Gregory and WEXT Radio, get your very own PDF copy of The Local 518 Music (and More) Report - 2018 Quarter 4. The report covers the time period of October 1st to December 31st, 2018.

518 Show 1901
A Gregory

On this episode of The Local 518 Show, Andy Gregory features songs by Bird Streets, Luxtides, Wurliday, MIRK, The Reptiles, and Dolphin Pal. The Attic Classic is "Downtown", from Shu's 1996 'Fanagalo' disc.

Blue Factory Powered By Noises poster

Local 518 band Blue Factory have been hard at work on their new album, "Powered By Noises." This time out, they decided to go with putting it out on vinyl - no CD.  You do get a download card for the digital you, too. 

Jim Crawley and Jim Temple stopped by to discuss their process, and let us in on the show happening Friday night (10/26) at The Hangar.