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The DJ's Best of 2020 Lists

Best of 2020
Best of 2020

The DJ's lists for the Best of 2020 are coming in.  We'd love to hear from you with your thoughts, too.  Send email with this link.

Dave Michaels
(M-F, 5a-10a)

Bob Dylan “Rough and Rowdy Ways”
Sam Morrow “Gettin’ by on Gettin’ Down”
Belle-Skinner “Early Covers” (EP)
Brian Fallon “Local Honey”
E.R.I.E. “Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die”
Tom Petty “Wildflowers and All The Rest”
Joycelyn & Chris Arndt “One Night In November”
M. Ward “Migration Stories”
The Pretenders “Hate for Sale”
Sean Rowe “Foundations” (EP)

Chris Wienk
(M-F, 3-9p)

1. Corey Laitman – Seafoam (Independent)
2. Becky Warren – The Sick Season (Independent)
3. Brandy Clark – Your Life Is a Record (Nonesuch)
4. Bella White – Just Like Leaving (Independent)
5. Darlingside – Fish Pond Fish (Thirty Tigers)
6. Low Cut Connie -- Private Lives
7. Sean Rowe -- Foundations
8. Kevin McKrell -- In Quarantine
9. Eastbound Jesus -- Full Moon Over Salem
10. Jason Isbell -- Reunions
11. The Sea The Sea -- Stumbling Home
12. E.R.I.E. “Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die”

Joyce Jackey
(Sun, 10a-4p)

1-Low Cut Connie- Private Lives
2-Larkin Poe- Self Made Man
3-Fleet Foxes- Shore
4-Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit-Reunions
5-Sonny Landreth-Blacktop Run
6-Devon Gilfillian-Black Hole Rainbow
7-Old 97’s- Twelfth
8-Brian Fallon-Local Honey
9-The Mastersons- Red, White and I Love You Too
10-Nathaniel Rateliff- And It's Still Alright
11-Darlingside-Fish Pond Fish
12-Lucinda Williams-Good Souls Better Angels
13-Chuck Prophet-The Land That Time Forgot
14-The Sea The Sea-Stumbling Home
15-Becky Warren-The Sick Season

Local 518

2-Sawyer Fredericks-Flowers For You
3-Jocelyn and Chris Arndt
4-Buggy Jive EP
5-Jeff Brisbin-Blame It On Love
6-Rusticator EP
7-Hamilton Craig-Skin Disease
8-Dominick Campagna-Back Pocket
9-Peter Maine EP
10-David Tyo EP

(Sun, 3-8p and Bluegrass Around the Bend)

Tabitha dedicates her list to the "best of" Hero's of 2020 - The frontline healthcare workers:
Best of 2020 Songs

Brandy Clark - Who You Thought I was
Corey Laiman - Marching Band
CAAMP - By and By
Ruston Kelly - Radio Cloud
Bonny Light Horseman - The Roving
KALEO - I Want More
Chris Stapleton - Starting Over
Pressing Strings - Brave
Ondara - Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday
Willie Nile - New York is Rockin'
Logan Ledger - (I'm Gonna Get Over This) Some Day
Nathaniel Rateliff - And It's Still Alright

KC Morris
(Sun, 4-7p)

William Prince "The Spark"
Michael Kuanuka "Rolling"
Jennah Barry "Roller Disco"
John Prine " I Remember Everything"
Nathaniel Rateliff "And It's Still Alright"
KALEO "I Want More"
Brandy Clark "Bigger Boat" (ft. Randy Newman)
Courtney Marie Andrews "It Must Be Someone Else's Fault"
Crystal Shawanda "When It Comes to Love"
The Wood Brothers "Little Bit Sweet"

Andy Gregory
(Local 518 Show, Thursday 11p)

2020 Local 518 Favorite Albums/EPs:
Belle-Skinner "Violets"
Bendt "Brightness in the Barrens
Dark Honey "Rougher Stuff"
Dominick Campana "Back Pocket"
Eastbound Jesus "Full Moon Over Salem"
Hamilton Craig "Pillar of Smoke"
Julia Alsaraff "Mixed Feelings"
Laveda "What Happens After"
Sawyer Fredericks - "Flowers For You"
The Sea The Sea "Stumbling Home"

2020 Local 518 Favorite Songs:
Annie Scherer "Andy Warhol"
Buggy Jive "Ain't Going Anywhere"
Caity Gallagher "Spring"
Cassandra Kubinski "Stardust"
Coupons "90's Kids"
E.R.I.E. "Fire Away"
Peter Annello "Myself and I"
Sean Rowe "Roll Over You"
Sydney Worthley "4:15"
The Erotics "Lie My Way Into Hell"

2020 Local 518 Favorite Videos:
Buggy Jive - "https://youtu.be/9WopjVcoIiQ" target="_blank">Ain't Going Anywhere"
Coupons - "https://youtu.be/NtUos_concg" target="_blank">90's Kids"
Dust Bowl Faeries - "https://youtu.be/jELSbCqfWxY" target="_blank">Candy Store"
Foster House; John, the Astronaut; and Weerd Science - "https://youtu.be/jAF32VZgVF8" target="_blank">Strange Things"
Hamilton Craig - "https://youtu.be/CJZd0NS5quk" target="_blank">Skin Disease"
Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band - "https://youtu.be/2YdFyvnoYHo" target="_blank">Sellout"
Millington - "https://youtu.be/AmoKFe_JUyQ" target="_blank">Misery"
Novus Cantus - "https://youtu.be/3Vh875_D5AE" target="_blank">Moon"
Slam Reed - "https://youtu.be/uDclHVlj7vE" target="_blank">Dinosaur Man"
Zan & The Winter Folk - "https://youtu.be/QxA6NkjjD3M" target="_blank">Alone"

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