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Art LaFleur Presents "So Am I"

Local 518 singer Keri Alonzo
Local 518 singer Keri Alonzo

Art and I talked about the inspiration for the song, and how it went from inspiration to the single now available at Bandcamp.

"So Am I" is inspired by Keri Alonzo in an effort to raise money for her as she battles colon cancer.

As it says at the Bandcamp page: [So Am I is] "A powerful and uplifting song that deals with being given devastating news, and choosing to rise above it and fight not only for yourself, but for others as well. A song for everyone faced with adversity and choosing to fight and overcome it. This is meant to inspire and encourage to fight on! The initial release is exclusive to Bandcamp and during that period, ALL proceeds will go directly to Keri Alonzo and her family."

Click here to go to Bandcamp.

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