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Tabitha Clancy

Host/Producer, Bluegrass Around the Bend

Tabitha Clancy sometimes obsesses over one song and sometimes she obsesses over a band (she listened only to Pearl Jam for about a two year stint).  Sometimes it’s a lyric, or a simple measure of musical content that will grab her.  She will hear the music before the words find a way.  She will never say, "I love all kinds of music."  Sometimes it takes Tabitha time to warm up to a song, or a band, and sometimes that magic just isn't there.  People who are walking encyclopedias for anything music related fascinate her, though she has a good grip of her own on music history.  She often travels the country, following her favorite band, Railroad Earth. She’ll let loose at a festival yet still manages to find a balance between fun and business; often times she brings that festival spirit into the station with her.

She credits her late father’s love of eclectic and rather nostalgic taste in music for her ability to listen and enjoy the good stuff both past and current.  She loves singer-songwriters like Josh Ritter, folk artists, bluegrass, and rock and roll. She loves everything about Johnny Cash, his life with June and his music. If she absolutely had to pick one song to be her all-time favorite, it would be Amazing Grace, which she considers timeless and truthful. She was trained as a biologist in college and currently works as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in Albany.  While she enjoys dabbling in science, music is her life.

Tabitha is the host of Bluegrass Around The Bend, a one-hour, foot-stomping barn-burning show every Sunday evening. She believes the traditional artists, such as the founding father, Bill Monroe, gave rise to modern and current variations of the genre. From newgrass to jambands rounding back to the traditional, Tabitha feels it’s necessary and important to be an outlet for such a vast and deeply rooted genre of music. Bluegrass Around The Bend has it all for your listening, picking pleasure!