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Friday, 12n

Live @ EXT is where we bring you closer to the artists who make the music. These interviews and sessions often include intimate live performances that sound different than the recording, or the live show.  Hear these Friday at 12n.

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1/10 - Lost Leaders

1/17 - Nobody's Girl

1/24 - Lisa Bastoni

Becky Warren

Becky Warren's last two albums were very outward looking. She took on social causes that are important to her. Her first solo album, "War Surplus" was my favorite album of 2016.  It dealt with PTSD and other issues facing our returning vets and their families.  "Undesirable," her second album looked at the stories and issues facing the homeless in Nashville.

Emma Swift At Home Session

Australian singer-songwriter, Emma Swift has lived in the US for several years.  She's based in Nashville now, and with her latest album worked with Pat Sansone of Wilco.  She has recreated an album of Bob Dylan covers called "Blonde on the Tracks."  Lovely arrangements of some popular and some lesser known songs.

We discuss song choice, and why a Dylan covers record as well as a few other things.

Mary Scholz

Our good friend, Mary Scholz was feeling inspired by the Statue of Liberty. Her latest single releases on October 8th. It's called "Lady Liberty," and is as statuesque a song as its inspiration.

Kris Angelis

If Kris Angelis looks familiar, it could be because you've seen her - or her twin sister - acting on TV or in the movies.  Kris grew up making the world her stage.  She's creating some very memorable moments on social media with her regular live streams, and in the interview tells me of her nerd fascination with board games, and a few other cool things.

Terra Spencer at Home

Terra Spencer felt the need to stay connected to her fanbase while in isolation in Nova Scotia. She may not have been the first, and certainly not the only one to switch over to "livestream" activity to try to replace the live concert setting, but she sure went at least one step further. Her weekly hang with her fans became "Blanket Fort Tonight."

Learn about her story, her new song "Raining On a Saturday," and more.

Lynne Hanson with Crowvid-19

Lynne Hanson has used her time in isolation to create, and to help her husband create.  She's known as the Queen of Americana in Canada.  Her husband is a contractor by day, but also creates large scale metal sculptures - like the Crowvid-19.  Learn about Crowvid, and Lynne's new record called "Just Words."

Proceeds from the Crowvid-19 sculpture installation have been helping the Ottawa Foodbank.

Rachel Ana Dobken

When I first heard Rachel Ana Dobken's album, "When It Happens To You," I knew I had to find a way - even in a pandemic - to have a conversation with her.  Her music is fascinating. Her story, while only getting started, is also fascinating.

Aubrie Sellers

Aubrie Sellers grew up around country music, daughter of two famed country stars - Lee Ann Womack and Jason Sellers.

While stuck at home, and not able to be out on tour promoting her new album, "Far From Home, she took a few moments to talk about her new record, and tell us about how her family has been making masks and other things to help out the community.  And we discuss "garage country," the genre Aubrie has brilliantlly created to help her stand out in the crowded field.

Alice Howe

We met Alice Howe at a Folk music conference.  We were immediately swept up by her amazing voice and songs.  Plus, she introduced us to the amazing bass player, Freebo, who played with Bonnie Raitt back in the day.

Here new full-length record is "Visions." We discuss that, music, Freebo, and making a cool video.

Roger Street Friedman

Roger Street Friedman played music as a young man. Life took him on a bit of a detour, but music drew him back. Roger was in his 50's when he first released his own music, a second act as it were.  He caught the attention of Larry Campbell who said he loved Roger's songs.  Larry and Roger agreed to work together someday. Roger wasn't sure that would actually happen.  And then... it did.

Hear about Roger's latest album, "Rise," produced by Larry Campbell. 

William Prince

William Prince grew up around music. His father always had a guitar laying around. His father, his grandfather, they were both musicians - preachers who sang from the pulpit. His mother and sister both sang.

We learn about how William found his voice, and about his amazing songs. His new album is "Reliever." Winning Juno Awards (the Canadian Grammy) hasn't filled his head with ego. You'll find him both humble and humbling.

Courtney Marie Andrews

Arizona singer-songwriter, Courtney Marie Andrews has captured our hearts with her new album, "Old Flowers."  We hear all about how the album came to be, and about some of the characters in Courtney's life growing up.

Marc Delgado

We've been getting to know Marc Delgado for a few years. He moved here from California. He and his wife started a family and put down roots in the Woodstock area.

Marc's latest album, as he says, is aiming to be a bit more "cheerful," or at least "less dark."  The album he's working on is "Wildwood Road." His IndieGogo campaign is in full swing. The campaign ends on July 11th.  You can find more information about it at his website.

Alexa Rose at Home

"Medicine for Living" had its origins in a road trip to California. Alexa Rose was driving, and listening to an old Gospel Radio show.  The song came to her.  We learn about how songs come to her, and she plays a few for us, too.

And if you get down to North Carolina, swing by Black Mountain Doughnut Factory.  Check out the doughnuts Alexa and her husband make!

Mike + Ruthy


a group of nine people or things, especially musicians.
a musical composition for nine voices or instruments.

Mike + Ruthy brought back their folk rock band, The Mammals a couple years ago. They've been busy making records and touring. The band has morphed to play various venues from the classic Mike + Ruthy duo to a quintet, quartet, sextet, and apparently for this new album, "Nonet," nine people!

Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara quickly became one of my favorite artists. She writes songs that really connect with me. I dig it when an artist can do that. Turns out, she agonizes over posting a selfie - I do that, too!  Although, I had no idea that one of her songs was inspired by that dilemma of having to post, and yet...

Brandy Clark & Ava Gardner

Brandy Clark is just as delightful as you might imagine.  While we didn't actually meet, I had a great "at home" conversation with her about her third album called "Your Life Is a Record." If you love books, you might even want to join her book club.  It sounds like a lot fun!

Margaret Glaspy

Margaret Glaspy's life has changed. As with all of us, her life has been evolving. Just into her 30's, Margaret has released her second full length album, "Devotion." We discuss her evolution. We discuss music and the concept  behind this album.

Margaret was in her home. I was in mine. Welcome to #AtHomeWithWEXT.

Michaela Anne Facebook Live

Michaela Anne and I discussed her latest release, "Desert Dove," and the new single "Run Away With Me." We also talked about ways artists are trying to reach out to their fans, and the economy of artists.

We also talked about one of her favorite songs, Julie Gold's "From A Distance." So, of course, we asked her to do a cover before she left us. Two nights later, she went live on our Facebook page.

Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins took a trip from Nashville down to Muscle Shoals, AL to record an album based on her growing up on the Jersey Shore.  The album is filled with the eclectic nature of the Boardwalk, Asbury Park and the life of teens on the beaches hangin' out.

Nicole's new album coming out April 17th is called "Italian Ice." We learn all about the name, and about a dice game that Nicole takes to bars to help meet people, and more.

Joe Jencks

Joe Jencks started as a touring musician in 2000. For 20 years, he has made a name for himself as a folk singer with a special voice.  His latest album, "Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers" is a magnificent work of storytelling. He tells our stories.

Joe dropped by on his way to play an Old Songs concert. He played us some new songs, and discussed a bit about his career.

Wes Buckley

Meet Pittsfield, MA singer-songwriter Wes Buckley. We were introduced to him by mutual friend Johnny Irion. We learn all about him and hear him play songs from his album "Dancing The Bliss."

Low Lily

The Brattleboro trio, Low Lily dropped by to play songs, and discuss music. Liz Simmons, Lissa Schneckenburger and Flynn Cohen have harmonious voices. We learn how the band met, and a bit about songwriting, too. Each of these artists is known in her/his own right. Together, they bring their influences from all points along the folk spectrum.

If you missed them at Caffe Lena, they’ll be back for a night at Old Songs, April 3.

Devon Gilfillian at WEXT

 Devon Gilfillian's father played in a band. Music has always been a part of Devon's life. Growing up in Philly with all kinds of music around, Devon's style is a brilliant blend.

His debut album, "Black Hole Rainbow," is filled with great sounds.

Dom Flemons

Dom Flemons is the American Songster. He is all about the music, all kinds of music from folk to blues to jazz to early rock n roll, and he’s about the music's lineage. Right from the very start, Dom wanted to know more about where the songs came from. 

His last album was a concept album, exploring the world and music of western pioneers of African American descent, known as the Black Cowboys. This year, Dom will release a newly expanded version of his 2014 album, "Prospect Hill."

Jontavious Willis on his 1845 banjo

Jontavious Willis is an old soul. He plays new, original music (and covers some of the greats, too) that sounds like it was written at least 100 years ago.

His style caught the attention of Taj Mahal, who invited him up on stage - and then out on tour. That's when he met Keb' Mo'.  Keb' would go on to produce Jontavious' album "Spectacular Class." I had the chance to sit down with Jontavious to talk music, and to witness the spine-chilling performances that seriously hook you in.

Nobody's Girl at WEXT

When three of Austin's great singer-songwriters get together to hang out and write songs, a band forms.  That's apparently what happened with Betty Soo, Rebecca Loebe and Grace Pettis gathered. They created a video for a cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car."  They were planning to use that as promotion for a brief tour the three were going to do in the round.

Hear the rest of the story, and some of their original songs that they've done as Nobody's Girl.

Kalyna Rakel

Kalyna Rakel comes to us from north of Toronto. Her style has evolved to a deeply rooted sound. Her songs, her voice, she’s quite captivating. 

When you first meet Kalyna Rakel, you notice her unassuming, charming and a bit shy nature. When she puts a guitar in her hands she comes alive, almost with a snarl as she pours out a gutsy roots and blues filled stream of music that sucks you in. Once is not enough. You’ll find you need more, after you hear her perform. 

Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney stopped by the studios on her way up to her CD release show at Caffe Lena. Her new CD, "Soil in the Sky," was released on June 14. 

Heather Maloney's new album, "Soil in the Sky," was made with the participation of her fans who helped choose the songs. It was different than has been done with these fan supported records of late. This time, Heather went out on tour with the songs, and then asked people to vote on them. She tallied up the votes and ended up with an album. 

Hollis Brown

We are big fans of Queens rockers, Hollis Brown. Their new album "Ozone Park" is named after their neighborhood. Polished rock gets stripped down to its essence in our studio. We thank the band for dropping by to share songs and their story. 

See Hollis Brown with Vintage Trouble at The Hollow on November 30.  Enter below to win tickets.