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Friday, 12n

Live @ EXT is where we bring you closer to the artists who make the music. These interviews and sessions often include intimate live performances that sound different than the recording, or the live show.  Hear these Friday at 12n.

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1/10 - Lost Leaders

1/17 - Nobody's Girl

1/24 - Lisa Bastoni

Devon Gilfillian at WEXT

 Devon Gilfillian's father played in a band. Music has always been a part of Devon's life. Growing up in Philly with all kinds of music around, Devon's style is a brilliant blend.

His debut album, "Black Hole Rainbow," is filled with great sounds.

Dom Flemons

Dom Flemons is the American Songster. He is all about the music, all kinds of music from folk to blues to jazz to early rock n roll, and he’s about the music's lineage. Right from the very start, Dom wanted to know more about where the songs came from. 

His last album was a concept album, exploring the world and music of western pioneers of African American descent, known as the Black Cowboys. This year, Dom will release a newly expanded version of his 2014 album, "Prospect Hill."

Jontavious Willis on his 1845 banjo

Jontavious Willis is an old soul. He plays new, original music (and covers some of the greats, too) that sounds like it was written at least 100 years ago.

His style caught the attention of Taj Mahal, who invited him up on stage - and then out on tour. That's when he met Keb' Mo'.  Keb' would go on to produce Jontavious' album "Spectacular Class." I had the chance to sit down with Jontavious to talk music, and to witness the spine-chilling performances that seriously hook you in.

Nobody's Girl at WEXT

When three of Austin's great singer-songwriters get together to hang out and write songs, a band forms.  That's apparently what happened with Betty Soo, Rebecca Loebe and Grace Pettis gathered. They created a video for a cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car."  They were planning to use that as promotion for a brief tour the three were going to do in the round.

Hear the rest of the story, and some of their original songs that they've done as Nobody's Girl.

Kalyna Rakel

Kalyna Rakel comes to us from north of Toronto. Her style has evolved to a deeply rooted sound. Her songs, her voice, she’s quite captivating. 

When you first meet Kalyna Rakel, you notice her unassuming, charming and a bit shy nature. When she puts a guitar in her hands she comes alive, almost with a snarl as she pours out a gutsy roots and blues filled stream of music that sucks you in. Once is not enough. You’ll find you need more, after you hear her perform. 

Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney stopped by the studios on her way up to her CD release show at Caffe Lena. Her new CD, "Soil in the Sky," was released on June 14. 

Heather Maloney's new album, "Soil in the Sky," was made with the participation of her fans who helped choose the songs. It was different than has been done with these fan supported records of late. This time, Heather went out on tour with the songs, and then asked people to vote on them. She tallied up the votes and ended up with an album. 

Hollis Brown

We are big fans of Queens rockers, Hollis Brown. Their new album "Ozone Park" is named after their neighborhood. Polished rock gets stripped down to its essence in our studio. We thank the band for dropping by to share songs and their story. 

See Hollis Brown with Vintage Trouble at The Hollow on November 30.  Enter below to win tickets.

Billy & Tory from Whiskey Treaty Roadshow

Two of the five-man band, Whiskey Treaty Roadshow dropped by to promote the release of their new single, "Hey Lady." (See the video below).  They have a new album coming in January called "Band Together." 

They have a release show at the Stationary Factory in Dalton, MA (where they recorded the album) on November 30th.  Click here for details.

Damhnait Doyle at WEXT

The first time I heard "That’s What You Get," I was hooked. I cannot get enough. I listen over and over. The rest of Damhnait Doyle's album touches my heart, too. Songs like "Shoot to Miss," "Better Life," "So Clean," and others drive home not only what a great songwriter Damhnait is, but her voice...

Sean & Jamie Oshima at WEXT

Sean and Jamie Oshima have become near and dear to our hearts here at WEXT Radio.  Their song "These Cold Nights" is still the soundtrack of the nights that are now longer and getting colder, for sure.  

Amy McCarley at WEXT

Amy McCarley took the big leap from a day-to-day "regular" job working as a NASA contractor in Alabama. She leaped, and is now a fulltime touring musician.  Her third album came onto our radar. It's called "MECO," which stands for "main engine cut off." We learn what that means, and how Amy's path in music is going.

Have a listen.

Kevin Daniel

Kevin Daniel calls himself, "a jack-of-all-trades, but the master of none." The North Carolina native can play several instruments and sing several styles, and do everything from musical theater to singing in a punk band. But it wasn't until after graduating George Washington University when he started playing in a bluegrass band that he realized his connection to and love of old timey music.  

Alyssa Rose

Alyssa Rose is one of my favorite storytelling songwriters. It’s been a couple years since she’s come over our way.  At the moment, she’s finishing her advanced degree program.  While studying and working on her degree, she continues to work on her music. She took a bit of a break for a short hiatus. Recently, she has been getting back into her music. She has been playing as the accompanying music for yoga classes, among other things. 

The Gibson Brothers at WEXT

When is a bluegrass band not a bluegrass band? Well, sometimes when The Gibson Brothers play as the "Mockingbird" band, they are playing their brand of country rock, complete with electric guitars and drums. We had the chance to hang with Leigh and Eric with a few bandmates who then proceeded to play songs from their new album as an electrified country rock band, but in an acoustic setting.

In fact, Eric let on that this session has the first and only time (so far) that they have played "Lay Your Body Down" as an acoustic set up.  Let's rock Gibson Brother-style.

Emily Wolfe

On her way to play a show at The Linda, Austin, TX rocker - and amazing guitarist, Emily Wolfe stopped by to play a few songs in the studio. We discussed being in recovery, and how she's able to function in the music world filled with temptations. She share her feelings on all kinds of musical thoughts, including her favorite artists.  (Note: one of my favorites - ever - is on her list, making me like her even more).

Mary Scholz at WEXT

Philadelphia singer-songwriter, Mary Scholz makes California her home. Her latest full length record is all about the journey westward to make California her new home.  She's been out touring and continuing to create great songs. She delivers her latest, and a brand new song that will come out soon.

We talk about the meaning of life, in a way, and the importance of women in our society, and in our lives.

Shovels & Rope
Artist / Instagram

Fresh from their stop in Saratoga Springs on the 2019 Wheels of Soul Tour with Tedeschi Trucks Band and Blackberry Smoke at SPAC, Shovels & Rope; the married duo of indie folk, roots-rockers Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst, dropped by WEXT to share

Hanzolo at WEXT

Meet a band from Cooperstown called Hanzolo. These guys have ties with each other that mostly date back to fourth grade. They learn a bit about each other as they reveal instruments the others had no idea they played (even if ever so briefly). An entertaining band to say the least, we learn how they got the band name and more. And yes, they are "Star Wars” fans, but that’s not exactly where the name comes from. 

Hear Hanzolo, and their very interesting blend of rock, funk, soul and jazz.

Erin McKeown at WEXT

Just ahead of her show at Caffe Lena, the first of their monthly #PrideNight series, Erin McKeown dropped by to talk about her latest projects and work, including "Miss You Like Hell," her first Off-Broadway musical. She's working on another musical, and some new music in the form of an album, or EP that we cannot wait to hear.

In the meantime, enjoy her Live @ EXT Session.

The Belle Curves

Delaney Hafener dropped by to play songs from her latest project, The Belle Curves. The Long Island native has been to our studios before. She's one of the primary singer songwriters involved in the band Pandafan as well.

Delaney's new project focuses on her own songwriting - songs drawn from her own life experiences.  The songs come from a forthcoming album.


She made history being the only woman to ever hold the International Bluegrass Music Association Award for Guitar Player of the Year. Then immediately made history again by winning a second time in a row!

Molly Tuttle talks about that experience and what it means for up and coming female artists. She also performs new songs from her debut solo album "When You're Ready" and shows off her famous flat picking. 

Gary Hoey

World renowned rock guitarist Gary Hoey was recently in town playing a show and dropped by WEXT.  Armed with only a Line 6 Pocket POD and his legendary Fender Stratocaster, he gloriously hammered out songs from his 21st album. 

Briston Maroney

Nashville singer songwriter, Briston Maroney tells us about his experience on American Idol. He said it changed his perspective on what he thought he might want out of a career in music.  The knowledge he gained about how the industry worked was immeasurable. 

Briston has put out his second EP, "Indiana," and hopes to have a full-length album down the road.


Sam Morrow

Houston-born, LA-based Sam Morrow started putting out bluesy, boot-stompingly traditional records a few years back. His newest, Concrete and Mud, finds him merging classic rock, southern soul and funk in there, too (in fact, a friend of Morrow’s dubbed it “countrified funk”).


Brandon Decker is a musical mystic who creates psychedelic desert folk from the hills of Sedona, Arizona.  “The songs come out of the ether, they really do,” he explains. “You might have a vision, but as you write them and record them they kind of do their own thing.”  decker's latest creation, "Born To Wake Up" is a love letter to his son, to himself, to the lands he inhabit and to those who would listen.  

Eli "Paperboy" Reed
Sébastien Barré

It's three albums and nearly nine years since our last encounter with Eli "Paperboy" Reed.  He brought his soul swagger to the Madison Avenue stage at Albany's annual LarkFEST in the fall of 2010!

Oshima Brothers

Sean and Jamie Oshima, Oshima Brothers, grew up in a musical household in Maine. They remember singing as a family while being driven to school. 

As they got older, they started making their own songs. Now, they not only write and record them but they create and edit their own videos. 

Screaming Orphans

Our new friends, the Diver sisters from Bundoran, Co. Donegal, Ireland, dropped by the day their album, "Life in a Carnival," was released. They were getting ready to play a special show in a community that loves them. They've played in the area several times before.

Joan, Angela, Gràinne and Marie Thérèse played songs from that new album, and we spoke about their life in music.

Amanda Anne Platt

Their recent album saw Amanda Anne Platt take more of a visible role as leader and chief songwriter of the band she formed.  Now, as Amanda Anne Platt & the Honeycutters, it is plain and obvious that she is the leader of the band.

She played solo for us in this studio session that was just before a bit of a homecoming show at Caffe Lena.  How does an artist who moves from downstate New York to North Carolina have ties to the 518? She attended Skidmore.  Listen up!

Shannon McNally at WEXT

Shannon McNally tells us, "I believe in the song."