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Wesley Stace Talks About "The Good Lyre"

Wesley Stace and Chris Talk About "The Good Lyre"
Wesley Stace and Chris Talk About "The Good Lyre"

"The Good Lyre" came about as a Facebook parlor game occurring among Wesley Stace's fans and friends. Someone suggested that maybe different artists could cover John Wesley Harding songs, and the list grew and grew.

Wes said he approached a number of artists to see if they would, and to his delight, they said "yes!" This all began toward the beginning of the pandemic. Wes saw it as a way to build community and help folks with something entertaining. It worked!

A year later, he got the idea to turn it into an actual album. You can get it on Bandcamp as of today (April 2, 2021). 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Sweet Relief Musician Fund.

Find yours at his Bandcamp page!

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