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Wanda Fischer Celebrates 40 Years of Hudson River Sampler

Wanda Fischer celebrates 40 years of Hudson River Sampler
Wanda Fischer celebrates 40 years of Hudson River Sampler

I love listening to radio on Saturday nights. One of my favorite DJ's is on another radio station, and she's been quite an inspiration to me in my work - particularly at WEXT. Wanda Fischer has been hosting the folk radio show known as Hudson River Sampler on WAMC since 1982.

Is my math right? She's been doing this for 40 years. And while she may tell us that it takes her more time to run around during her show to find records, and some may just have to wait until next week, Wanda keeps us entertained every Saturday night at 8pm.

She sat down with me to talk about some of the fun things that happen at the station on a Saturday night. She talks about why she keeps on keepin' on, and more. Plus, we'll hear a few songs that she chose to spin for us from John Kirk, Anne Hills, Christine Lavin, and... yes, Wanda Fischer.

Let's sit back like it's Saturday night and have a listen. And while you're listening, why don't you get some tickets to the live concert that will be the broadcast of her show on October 8th at The Linda.

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