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Christopher Shaw Slows Time with the Cold River Waltz

Christopher Shaw plays the "Cold River Waltz"
Christopher Shaw plays the "Cold River Waltz"

If you're like me, maybe you had heard of "Ten Dollar Christmas," or "Cold River Waltz," and you never knew that the guy who wrote, played and sang those songs is from the Local 518. Once I found that out, I made it my business to get him to come visit, and to learn more about him. And for 15 years, I've been fortunate to call Christopher Shaw my friend.

The coolest thing is Chris is a friend of everyone in the community. He's the kind of guy who loves getting to know people. I think he's writing songs about us as we do what we do. That's what he does.

And at this holiday time of the year, we always remember all those years of Mountain Snow & Mistletoe with his wife Bridget and the Mountain Snow Orchestra. So, when Chris offered to drop by, you know I cleared my schedule.

And now, you should clear yours and have a listen. Sit back and relax. Let time slow down. Remember a simpler time. Hear the Adirondacks calling.

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