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HerSong: JoAnn Sifo, New York's Mother of Bluegrass

A woman standing in front of a cabin holding up a guitar.

From the beginning, JoAnn Sifo has helped to shape the Dyer Switch Band's sound and style. She contributes with her songwriting; her strong, steady rhythm guitar & mandolin playing; and a versatile voice that has been described as "a coal dust gritty alto" and a "dusky drawl” whether as lead or harmony. Widely regarded as one of the top female bluegrass players in the Northeast, JoAnn has also played with other bluegrass bands and musicians, both locally and nationally.

Overall JoAnn has made significant contributions to the bluegrass community through her work with Dyer Switch and other projects. Her introduction to the genre was a performance see saw by legendary mandolinist and "Father of Bluegrass", Bill Monroe.

Dyre Switch has been inducted into the New York State Country Music Hall of Fame and nominated for five consecutive years as Bluegrass Band of the Year by the Northeast Country Music Association. Their sixth album, Original, released in June of 2022.

Website: https://www.dyerswitch.com/home.html

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@joannsifo8818/featured