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Alexa Rose at Home

"Medicine for Living" had its origins in a road trip to California. Alexa Rose was driving, and listening to an old Gospel Radio show.  The song came to her.  We learn about how songs come to her, and she plays a few for us, too.

And if you get down to North Carolina, swing by Black Mountain Doughnut Factory.  Check out the doughnuts Alexa and her husband make!

Steve Earle & The Dukes

"I love theater.  That's what I do is baseball and theater.  Those are the two things I spend money on.  I get to hear plenty of rock and roll.  I see my friends play at festivals and stuff, but I don't go out to see music much in New York.  I go to see plays and musicals and I go to see the New York Yankees play baseball."  

Lucas Garrett

While the music industry wanders around trying to make sense of how to do its "business" during the pandemic, artists like Local 518 Lucas Garrett continue to do their thing - make music.

Lucas reached out as the outbreak was beginning. When we set up our session taping, I don't think either of us thought we'd be doing it this way. Lucas was in his home and I in mine. He recorded a couple acoustic numbers, we did the interview, and voila... 518 At Home Session with Lucas Garrett.

Mike + Ruthy


a group of nine people or things, especially musicians.
a musical composition for nine voices or instruments.

Mike + Ruthy brought back their folk rock band, The Mammals a couple years ago. They've been busy making records and touring. The band has morphed to play various venues from the classic Mike + Ruthy duo to a quintet, quartet, sextet, and apparently for this new album, "Nonet," nine people!

Julia Alsarraf

Local 518 singer-songwriter Julia Alsarraf first came to our attention at one of The City of Albany's September in the City Art Fair events.  Her lovely stage presence coupled with a sweet voice and endearing lyrics in her songs helped cement our love for her and her music. 

One listen, and we know you'll be hooked, too! Her new EP, "Mixed Emotions" is out this weekend. Friday night at 7pm, join her at her website for a live stream virtual party.

Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy started as a rekindling of shared musical ambitions between Philadelphia high school friends Matt Quinn (vocals, guitar) and Sam Cooper (guitar). Reunited in Los Angeles thanks to the ebbs and flows of adult life, the pair met multi-instrumentalist Michael Byrnes through a Craigslist ad. They named themselves Mt. Joy as an ode to a mountain in Valley Forge National Park near Sam’s childhood home. 

Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara quickly became one of my favorite artists. She writes songs that really connect with me. I dig it when an artist can do that. Turns out, she agonizes over posting a selfie - I do that, too!  Although, I had no idea that one of her songs was inspired by that dilemma of having to post, and yet...

Early James
High Road Touring

A few years ago, Early James stumbled home, “drunk, or in some kind of state” and started doing dishes. When he woke up the next morning, the young man did not have a clean kitchen, but he’d soon realize, he did have a song. Almost immediately, James began writing “Dishes in the Dark,” a sober self-reflection about trying, and failing, to clean your act up. “This dirt, this dust, this rust/It’s what I’m all about,” he sings over a sparse acoustic guitar. “I won’t wash up/I’ll just wash out.”

M. Ward

One of our favorite singer-songwriters, M. Ward, has just released his 10th studio album Migration Stories.

Brandy Clark & Ava Gardner

Brandy Clark is just as delightful as you might imagine.  While we didn't actually meet, I had a great "at home" conversation with her about her third album called "Your Life Is a Record." If you love books, you might even want to join her book club.  It sounds like a lot fun!

Maddy Hicks

Local 518 singer songwriter, Maddy Hicks attends college in Nashville. She's been home continuing to work on her craft this spring. We've become quite enamoured by her debut album, "The Bliss You Missed." We discuss her album, and she plays a few songs for us.

Perhaps you've seen her at First Night Saratoga, or at other area engagements over the past few years.

Margaret Glaspy

Margaret Glaspy's life has changed. As with all of us, her life has been evolving. Just into her 30's, Margaret has released her second full length album, "Devotion." We discuss her evolution. We discuss music and the concept  behind this album.

Margaret was in her home. I was in mine. Welcome to #AtHomeWithWEXT.

Michaela Anne Facebook Live

Michaela Anne and I discussed her latest release, "Desert Dove," and the new single "Run Away With Me." We also talked about ways artists are trying to reach out to their fans, and the economy of artists.

We also talked about one of her favorite songs, Julie Gold's "From A Distance." So, of course, we asked her to do a cover before she left us. Two nights later, she went live on our Facebook page.

Brian Fallon
Rolling Stone

Brian Fallon’s rockstar days are firmly behind him. And no one is more accepting of that fact than Brian Fallon.

Larkin Poe

Rebecca & Megan Lovell of Larkin Poe are singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist sisters creating their own brand of Roots Rock 'n' Roll: gritty, soulful, and flavored by their southern heritage. Originally from Atlanta and currently living in Nashville, they are descendants of tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Allan Poe.

The Mastersons

The Mastersons are singer-songwriters/multi-instrumentalists Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore. When they're not touring the world as valued longtime members of Steve Earle's band the Dukes, the musical and marital twosome make inspired albums of their own emotionally vivid, deeply humanistic songs. The duo's fourth set of original compositions is the appropriately titled No Time for Love Songs.

Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins took a trip from Nashville down to Muscle Shoals, AL to record an album based on her growing up on the Jersey Shore.  The album is filled with the eclectic nature of the Boardwalk, Asbury Park and the life of teens on the beaches hangin' out.

Nicole's new album coming out April 17th is called "Italian Ice." We learn all about the name, and about a dice game that Nicole takes to bars to help meet people, and more.

Joe Jencks

Joe Jencks started as a touring musician in 2000. For 20 years, he has made a name for himself as a folk singer with a special voice.  His latest album, "Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers" is a magnificent work of storytelling. He tells our stories.

Joe dropped by on his way to play an Old Songs concert. He played us some new songs, and discussed a bit about his career.

Wes Buckley

Meet Pittsfield, MA singer-songwriter Wes Buckley. We were introduced to him by mutual friend Johnny Irion. We learn all about him and hear him play songs from his album "Dancing The Bliss."

Low Lily

The Brattleboro trio, Low Lily dropped by to play songs, and discuss music. Liz Simmons, Lissa Schneckenburger and Flynn Cohen have harmonious voices. We learn how the band met, and a bit about songwriting, too. Each of these artists is known in her/his own right. Together, they bring their influences from all points along the folk spectrum.

If you missed them at Caffe Lena, they’ll be back for a night at Old Songs, April 3.

Sandy McKnight

Singer/songwriter Sandy McKnight's infectious songs have permeated WEXT's airwaves for years.  His new release, "San Fernando Beat" finds him working with famed L.A. guitarist Fernando Perdomo (featured guitarist in the film Echo In the Canyon) in a power pop tour de force!

Listen: Local 518 Bendt

Feb 27, 2020
Bendt in studio

Local 518 rock band Bendt brings together some groovy influences tinged with 70's rock, psychedelic stylings and a modern grunge twist. Their new album is being released on Saturday, February 29. (CD release party at Lost & Found in Albany). 

Hear a couple of their more energetic tunes from "Brightness in the Barrens," and hear how the band's democratic approach leads to a fulfilling experience for the members and us as listeners, too. 


Local 518 artists James Gascoyne and Oona Grady are known as Drank the Gold. When they add in Minneapolis, MN dancer Danielle Enblom, they become STEPTUNE. We learn how they met, and find out some of the history behind the Irish's folk tunes with dancing, as Danielle says STEPTUNE plays music meant for dancing. 

They have a show in Albany on March 13, at Caffe Lena the afternoon of the 14th, and at Argyle Brewing that night. 

Michael Eck

Local 518 singer-songwriter, Michael Eck dropped by to play songs of Woody Guthrie.  Michael and band mate, Brian Melick, are known as Tin Can Alley.  They have a free show at Caffe Lena on February 23 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of "This Land is Your Land." (Fun fact: February 23 is the actual anniversary date!)

This will be a family-friendly event. Bring the kids! Kids love Woody Guthrie's folk songs. They're great to sing along to!

Carmen Lookshire & Joe Carrick

I have been a fan of Carmen Lookshire for some time. She's brought by several songs she's put out as single the past few years.  I'm so happy to report that she has a debut EP coming out on Valentine's Day, appropriately called "For Love."

Carmen and her guitarist Joe Carrick dropped by to share some tracks from the EP and play a live track for us as well.  Visit her website to see where and when she is playing out next.

Devon Gilfillian at WEXT

 Devon Gilfillian's father played in a band. Music has always been a part of Devon's life. Growing up in Philly with all kinds of music around, Devon's style is a brilliant blend.

His debut album, "Black Hole Rainbow," is filled with great sounds.


T.J. Foster is a  prolific singer/songwriter who has released six studio albums in various bands throughout the last six years.

Bob Bates

Each year, Bob Bates gets his band together to pay tribute to the artists we lost on The Day the Music Died, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.

This year's show is at The Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls on February 2nd.

Bob and I talk about the artists, the music, and more.

Dan DeVita

Dan DeVita is an acoustic rock artist based out of the southern Adirondacks. With powerful vocals layered over rock-solid acoustic guitar riffs that combine everything from traditional picking to the slapping and tapping techniques popular to modern fingerstyle music, his sound is truly unlike anything else out there.

Dom Flemons

Dom Flemons is the American Songster. He is all about the music, all kinds of music from folk to blues to jazz to early rock n roll, and he’s about the music's lineage. Right from the very start, Dom wanted to know more about where the songs came from. 

His last album was a concept album, exploring the world and music of western pioneers of African American descent, known as the Black Cowboys. This year, Dom will release a newly expanded version of his 2014 album, "Prospect Hill."