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The Suitcase Junket

Matt Lorenz's vision, manifest in The Suitcase Junket, developed in the tension between the grand and the solitary. Grand in its imagery, sound, and staging. Solitary in its thrift and self-reliance. What instruments he requires, Lorenz builds from scratch and salvage. What parts five players would perform, he performs alone. The spectacle of his one-man set bears constant comparison to legends of showmanship, brilliance, madness, and invention.

Great Peacock

Leave it to Great Peacock — a band whose big, bold sound has been sharpened by years of relentless touring — to create some of the most compelling rock & roll road music of the 21st century. Forever Worse Better, the band's third release, is an anthemic soundtrack for a life spent on the move, chasing down brighter horizons somewhere between the blur of truck stops and traffic lights.

Becky Warren

Becky Warren's last two albums were very outward looking. She took on social causes that are important to her. Her first solo album, "War Surplus" was my favorite album of 2016.  It dealt with PTSD and other issues facing our returning vets and their families.  "Undesirable," her second album looked at the stories and issues facing the homeless in Nashville.

Emma Swift At Home Session

Australian singer-songwriter, Emma Swift has lived in the US for several years.  She's based in Nashville now, and with her latest album worked with Pat Sansone of Wilco.  She has recreated an album of Bob Dylan covers called "Blonde on the Tracks."  Lovely arrangements of some popular and some lesser known songs.

We discuss song choice, and why a Dylan covers record as well as a few other things.

The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea, Chuck and Mira arrived on the Local 518 music scene a few years back. We met at a Sean Rowe CD release party.  We had already heard their music and had fallen in love with the sound that Chuck and Mira make.  In person, they were even more delightful.

Angelina Valente

Angelina Valente grew up in Galway, NY where she developed a love for performing at a very young age. She attended Rider University where she graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre. It was there that she developed a love for writing music.

Fleet Foxes

On their fourth album Shore, Robin Pecknold polishes and sharpens Fleet Foxes' rich folk-rock sound, creating an album that is simultaneously complex and elemental; a celebration of life in the face of death.  

Charlotte Reilly

We're big fans of Saratoga Springs' singer-songwriter Charlotte Reilly.  The 2017 Blue Streaks grad recently peformed her brand of bluesy rock 'n roll for an episode of WMHT-TV's AHA!


We fell under Maria Brosgol's hypnotic trance a handful of years ago when she first started making music under the moniker Belle-Skinner.  She seduces you with a mix of mid-century pop with fingerstyle contemporary folk, and then makes you cry.  

Mary Scholz

Our good friend, Mary Scholz was feeling inspired by the Statue of Liberty. Her latest single releases on October 8th. It's called "Lady Liberty," and is as statuesque a song as its inspiration.

Blitzen Trapper's Eric Earley

Singer-songwriters have been tackling existential questions about life and death since time immemorial… or at least the 1960s.

Rob Beaulieu

Rob Beaulieu is a certified practitioner of the jam band arts and divides his time between Council Fire, The Stone Revival Bnad and Raisinhead.  

Sam Morrow

Two years before releasing Gettin' By on Gettin' Down — the most guitar-driven, groove-heavy album of Sam Morrow's catalog, with songs that roll just as hard as they rock — Morrow hit the highway in support of his third record, Concrete & Mud.

Steve Candlen

Saratoga Springs singer-songwriter Steve Candlen has played all over the Capital Region. He began his music career as a drummer, playing for artists like Franklin Micare, Felix Cavelieres Rascals and Irish folk artist Kevin McKrell

Ivy Stevens-Gupta

SIRSY and WEXT go back a long time together. And we truly enjoy every time we get to interact with Mel and RIch, even if it's just over the phone with some miles in between.  


As these stories often go, E.R.I.E. was born out of tumult. In the midst of an unexpected, three day stint in the hospital in October of 2018, E.R.I.E. architect TJ Foster (Accents, Darling Valley) was asking a lot of cliché, existential questions. That kind of thing is to be expected when one’s heart stops for fifteen seconds on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night.


We fell for Belle-Skinner's hauntingly beautiful, lilting soprano voice and innate sense of melody a handful of years ago on WEXT.  

We enjoyed a recent - albeit socially-distanced - visit from Belle-Skinner when she came by to tape a segment for WMHT-TV's AHA! A House for Arts (Wednesday nights at 7:30pm).  Hear these sessions on the radio (and here online), and see them on WMHT-TV.

Francesca Blanchard

It has been a few years since we last chatted, and Francesca Blanchard has been quite busy. She even took some time away from music to re-evaluate her path.  Her latest album is a "break up record." Francesca tells us that she actually went through the break up during the writing and making of the record.  You can hear the raw emotion in the songs.  

The album is called "Make It Better." And check out the cool video below, too.

Jim Gaudet

Jim Gaudet and WEXT go way back together. We've been loving every time we get to interact with Jim, even if it is just on our TV screen.  Local 518 artists are now appearing on WMHT TV's AHA (A House for Arts).  Hear these sessions on the radio (and here online), and see them on WMHT-TV.

Jim played a few cool tunes for us in this session, "Hold On (A Father's Lament)," "Going Up to Saratoga," and "Handle the Truth."

Kris Angelis

If Kris Angelis looks familiar, it could be because you've seen her - or her twin sister - acting on TV or in the movies.  Kris grew up making the world her stage.  She's creating some very memorable moments on social media with her regular live streams, and in the interview tells me of her nerd fascination with board games, and a few other cool things.

Dominick Campana

Anyone who's been around the Local 518 music scene for some time knows the name Dominick Campana.  From bands and doing sound, to helping organizations with their sound reinforcement needs, Dominick has been rockin' our area for a few decades.  

Magnolia Boulevard

What a righteous time to be alive / right here with one another,” sings Magnolia Boulevard’s Maggie Noelle roughly a minute into the joyous and jaunty “Ride.” The words are ostensibly about a budding relationship between two individuals, but Noelle could just as easily be referencing the singular and special connection that exists between her and her Magnolia Boulevard band mates—guitarist Gregg Erwin, drummer Todd Copeland, keyboardist Ryan Allen and bassist John Roberts—or, as likely, t

Conor Walsh

Like many musicians during this time of quarantine and social distancing, Local 518 singer/songwriter Conor Walsh has been using his time to hone his craft.  The recent College of St. Rose grad recently released a new EP, "Show Them What You Got" and spearheaded "St.

Terra Spencer at Home

Terra Spencer felt the need to stay connected to her fanbase while in isolation in Nova Scotia. She may not have been the first, and certainly not the only one to switch over to "livestream" activity to try to replace the live concert setting, but she sure went at least one step further. Her weekly hang with her fans became "Blanket Fort Tonight."

Learn about her story, her new song "Raining On a Saturday," and more.

Fab the Duo at Home

They bill themselves as the modern day Sonny and Cher (but they say they are both Cher).

Greg and Brendan met on Tinder, and found a common thread in their lives that was in music.  Their friendship and love blossomed as they formed a band - Fab the Duo.

Learn their story and about their love of music, and all about their new EP, "Our Love is Resistance."

Rachel Ana Dobken

When I first heard Rachel Ana Dobken's album, "When It Happens To You," I knew I had to find a way - even in a pandemic - to have a conversation with her.  Her music is fascinating. Her story, while only getting started, is also fascinating.

In the Valley

Husband and wife Local 518 duo, In The Valley, Katie and James met at Houghton College in western New York. They found common ground in music and began a friendship that would result in love and marriage. We hear about their story of how they met, and about their songs.

So far, the songs we've heard from In the Valley have us craving more.

Aubrie Sellers

Aubrie Sellers grew up around country music, daughter of two famed country stars - Lee Ann Womack and Jason Sellers.

While stuck at home, and not able to be out on tour promoting her new album, "Far From Home, she took a few moments to talk about her new record, and tell us about how her family has been making masks and other things to help out the community.  And we discuss "garage country," the genre Aubrie has brilliantlly created to help her stand out in the crowded field.

Alice Howe

We met Alice Howe at a Folk music conference.  We were immediately swept up by her amazing voice and songs.  Plus, she introduced us to the amazing bass player, Freebo, who played with Bonnie Raitt back in the day.

Here new full-length record is "Visions." We discuss that, music, Freebo, and making a cool video.


The Albany band Waitress, Juliana, Gabe and Kyle met in college.  They formed the band and were just about a happening thing as the pandemic started.  We met them at the "virtual" Tulip Fest, and we were smitten.

Hear their story. Hear their songs. Check them out.