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Michael Eck

Local 518 singer-songwriter, Michael Eck dropped by to play songs of Woody Guthrie.  Michael and band mate, Brian Melick, are known as Tin Can Alley.  They have a free show at Caffe Lena on February 23 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of "This Land is Your Land." (Fun fact: February 23 is the actual anniversary date!)

This will be a family-friendly event. Bring the kids! Kids love Woody Guthrie's folk songs. They're great to sing along to!

Carmen Lookshire & Joe Carrick

I have been a fan of Carmen Lookshire for some time. She's brought by several songs she's put out as single the past few years.  I'm so happy to report that she has a debut EP coming out on Valentine's Day, appropriately called "For Love."

Carmen and her guitarist Joe Carrick dropped by to share some tracks from the EP and play a live track for us as well.  Visit her website to see where and when she is playing out next.

Devon Gilfillian at WEXT

 Devon Gilfillian's father played in a band. Music has always been a part of Devon's life. Growing up in Philly with all kinds of music around, Devon's style is a brilliant blend.

His debut album, "Black Hole Rainbow," is filled with great sounds.


T.J. Foster is a  prolific singer/songwriter who has released six studio albums in various bands throughout the last six years.

Bob Bates

Each year, Bob Bates gets his band together to pay tribute to the artists we lost on The Day the Music Died, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.

This year's show is at The Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls on February 2nd.

Bob and I talk about the artists, the music, and more.

Dan DeVita

Dan DeVita is an acoustic rock artist based out of the southern Adirondacks. With powerful vocals layered over rock-solid acoustic guitar riffs that combine everything from traditional picking to the slapping and tapping techniques popular to modern fingerstyle music, his sound is truly unlike anything else out there.

Dom Flemons

Dom Flemons is the American Songster. He is all about the music, all kinds of music from folk to blues to jazz to early rock n roll, and he’s about the music's lineage. Right from the very start, Dom wanted to know more about where the songs came from. 

His last album was a concept album, exploring the world and music of western pioneers of African American descent, known as the Black Cowboys. This year, Dom will release a newly expanded version of his 2014 album, "Prospect Hill."

Frank Palangi

'518 Sessions' with Frank Palangi; a Local 518 singer, songwriter and guitarist from Queensbury, New York.  Some describe his music as the next evolution of 80's and 90's rock and metal combined with post grunge.

Jontavious Willis on his 1845 banjo

Jontavious Willis is an old soul. He plays new, original music (and covers some of the greats, too) that sounds like it was written at least 100 years ago.

His style caught the attention of Taj Mahal, who invited him up on stage - and then out on tour. That's when he met Keb' Mo'.  Keb' would go on to produce Jontavious' album "Spectacular Class." I had the chance to sit down with Jontavious to talk music, and to witness the spine-chilling performances that seriously hook you in.

Nobody's Girl at WEXT

When three of Austin's great singer-songwriters get together to hang out and write songs, a band forms.  That's apparently what happened with Betty Soo, Rebecca Loebe and Grace Pettis gathered. They created a video for a cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car."  They were planning to use that as promotion for a brief tour the three were going to do in the round.

Hear the rest of the story, and some of their original songs that they've done as Nobody's Girl.

The Wynotte Sisters at WEXT

Each year, The Wynotte Sisters regroup around their favorite time of the year - Christmas. They love wine and cheese, and those seem to go well together even more so at this time of the year.

Vibeke Saugestad, Daria Grace and Sara Milonovich are The Wynotte Sisters!


Kalyna Rakel

Kalyna Rakel comes to us from north of Toronto. Her style has evolved to a deeply rooted sound. Her songs, her voice, she’s quite captivating. 

When you first meet Kalyna Rakel, you notice her unassuming, charming and a bit shy nature. When she puts a guitar in her hands she comes alive, almost with a snarl as she pours out a gutsy roots and blues filled stream of music that sucks you in. Once is not enough. You’ll find you need more, after you hear her perform. 

The Drunken Hearts

No, we aren’t closing the year out in a drunken stupor, nor are we talking about drunken love. While those things would make for an interesting on-air moment, we rolled over a few stones and discovered a band so happy and loving, they call themselves, The Drunken Hearts, and they’re a fun bunch! We are over the moon with their infectious humor, quick wit, and edgy Americana sound, so much so, we brought them into the studio.

Karl Bertrand & Dan Johnson

Three amazing Local 518 songwriters team up for a very special show at Caffe Lena on Sunday, December 15. Karl Bertrand (of Let’s Be Leonard) and Dan Johnson dropped by to discuss the show and play a few songs. They'll be joined by Adam Brockway (of Eastbound Jesus) at Caffe Lena. 

We get to learn a little about these amazing songwriters. Plus, we hear about the special show as well. 

Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney stopped by the studios on her way up to her CD release show at Caffe Lena. Her new CD, "Soil in the Sky," was released on June 14. 

Heather Maloney's new album, "Soil in the Sky," was made with the participation of her fans who helped choose the songs. It was different than has been done with these fan supported records of late. This time, Heather went out on tour with the songs, and then asked people to vote on them. She tallied up the votes and ended up with an album. 

Hollis Brown

We are big fans of Queens rockers, Hollis Brown. Their new album "Ozone Park" is named after their neighborhood. Polished rock gets stripped down to its essence in our studio. We thank the band for dropping by to share songs and their story. 

See Hollis Brown with Vintage Trouble at The Hollow on November 30.  Enter below to win tickets.

Billy & Tory from Whiskey Treaty Roadshow

Two of the five-man band, Whiskey Treaty Roadshow dropped by to promote the release of their new single, "Hey Lady." (See the video below).  They have a new album coming in January called "Band Together." 

They have a release show at the Stationary Factory in Dalton, MA (where they recorded the album) on November 30th.  Click here for details.

Local 518 Bendt

Local 518 band Bendt dropped by to talk up a special new Rochmon Record Club live show with five Local 518 bands, including Haley Moley, Ampevene, Zan & the Winter Folk, Front Biz, and Bendt.  They'll all be doing a retrospective of David Bowie's music with Chuck Vosganian acting as emcee. Plus, Chuck will do his Rochmon Record Club special presentation on the life and music of David Bowie.  This happens November 30th at The Linda.

Kristin Rebecca

Columbia, MD, a northern suburb to Washington, DC is home to Kristin Rebecca She is a touring folk musician with plenty of experience behind her.  She started performing, and soon after her family began to play music as well.

Hear her discuss her newest album, "Tales, Trials, Truths," and she talks about how she first chose to play the harp.


Sean & Jamie Oshima at WEXT

Sean and Jamie Oshima have become near and dear to our hearts here at WEXT Radio.  Their song "These Cold Nights" is still the soundtrack of the nights that are now longer and getting colder, for sure.  

Sawyer Fredericks & Chris

Big news! We love finding out that Sawyer Fredericks is working on new music for our thirsty ears. Since his big win on "The Voice," Sawyer has continued to make a name for himself. He’s committed to the artistry of making music. He’s committed to his hometown community. He continues to help charitable causes in the community and so much more. But that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to grow his fan base and tour the country

Bob Warren at WEXT

It was in 1969 that Lena Spencer saw a musical that singer-songwriter Bob Warren had written much of the music and songs for at his highschool in Greenwich.  That night, she invited Bob to come play at the Caffe.  The rest, as they say, is history. And there is a lot of that!  And a lot of songs.  

Bob sat down with me to talk about some of his songs, some of the stories, and played a few - including a very early song, and one that has yet to be released.

Dirty mae
Artist / Shaun Mader

Their sound has been described as, "rich, dynamic indie-folk dripping with bluesy, New Orleans swagger."  NYC born-and-bred indie folk band Dirty Mae blends bluegrass, blues, rock, Latin and Americana roots music.   

Amy McCarley at WEXT

Amy McCarley took the big leap from a day-to-day "regular" job working as a NASA contractor in Alabama. She leaped, and is now a fulltime touring musician.  Her third album came onto our radar. It's called "MECO," which stands for "main engine cut off." We learn what that means, and how Amy's path in music is going.

Have a listen.

Sten & Maria Z. at WEXT

They've known each other since 1994. They've been playing in different configurations and different "bands" ever since. The latest incarnation is Sten & Maria Z, two of the area's best guitar players in one duo.

They dropped by to play a few songs, talk about improvisation, and "trust" on stage.  We learn that they are working on a recording as the duo.  

And this Friday night, they'are playing at The Linda.

Keanen Stark & Orion Kribs

We've been big fans of Orion Kribs since we first learned about his amazing mandolin skills. Plus, he's a funny guy.  When we found out that he was in yet another project with another musician, we thought we should have him by to see what this one was all about.  Enter Keanen Stark.

This was something else!  Check out these very young guys singing some very old songs, and the ones they played for us this time aren't even the oldest they play.  Rock on!

Find more about these guys at their Facebook page.

Drank the Gold

Oona Grady and James Gascoyne are Drank the Gold Playing a special brand of roots music that mixes with traditional Irish music, Drank the Gold have been making a name for themselves. They've been playing regularly throughout the area.

They've just finished their debut album, "Sipped the Silver." We find out how they got their name, and the name of the new album.

Conor Walsh

Local 518 singer-songwriter Conor Walsh is a Music Industry senior at The College of Saint Rose in Albany. When he was younger, he immersed himself in a variety of sports and became involved in school theater.  It wasn't long before he found his way to playing guitar... and dicovering his voice and true passion.  

The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea is Chuck and Mira Costa. We've been lovin' them since we first met them as they moved to the area. They were quickly embraced by the Local 518 community.  I mean, how could they not be! They are the loveliest people, and their harmonies are so sweet and pure. I know I'm addicted.

Kevin Daniel

Kevin Daniel calls himself, "a jack-of-all-trades, but the master of none." The North Carolina native can play several instruments and sing several styles, and do everything from musical theater to singing in a punk band. But it wasn't until after graduating George Washington University when he started playing in a bluegrass band that he realized his connection to and love of old timey music.