Discover Schenectady Kick Off to Summer

WEXT & Discover Schenectady Kick Off to Summer

With Discover Schenectady , WEXT is announces our first ever Kick Off to Summer Event on June 8th in Central Park ! There is so much fun to be had in Schenectady County and this event will help you create your "Summer Must-Do" list in Schenectady! Enjoy live music on the Music Haven stage ranging from jazz to reggae and music from the Empire State Youth Orchestra in the Rose Garden all day long.

In addition to the wonderful music, there will be lots of food, beer & all kinds...

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The Felice Brothers

Saturday, April 27 | Skyloft at Crossgates

The Felice Brothers are classic American rock, from the heart of the Catskills.

Alan Cumming

Thursday, April 25 | The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Alan Cumming: he's back with Legal Immigrant, a meditation on his ten years as an American citizen & the experiences and change he has witnessed during his time.

John Primer Blues

Friday, April 26 | The Linda

See The Weight Band at Skyloft

Apr 21, 2019
The Weight Band

Friday, April 26 | Skyloft

See the band carrying on the tradition of The Band, The Weight Band contains members of that iconic band and Levon Helm's Band, too.  They rock like you'd expect.

This new venue in town, Skyloft is at Crossgates Mall. It's created by the folks who run Daryl's House Club in Pawling. So, you know they know music.

Michael Jerling & Bob Warren

Michael Jerling and Bob Warren have known each other, and supported each other's music in various ways since Michael first headed this way from Chicago.  But on May 4th, this will be the first time the two have performed on stage together with each other's songs.  Sort of... As you listen to the session, you will hear how they've played together over the years.  

Annie Dressner at WEXT

Annie Dressner appeared on oour radar some years ago. She's originally from Averill Park. She lives with her family in England these days.  Just this past year, after running into an issue with a house they had just bought, songs for "Broken Into Pieces" began to shape and form.

On her most recent visit to home, she dropped by to play a few songs and talk about the album.  She's playing at Superior Merchandise on Tuesday, April 23 with Girl Blue and Candy Ambulance.

Dyer Switch Band

Hold on to your seat!  Local 518 bluegrass stalwarts Dyer Switch Band (JoAnn Sifo, Bob Bates, Chris Schultz and Bruce Barker) just dropped by our studio to play some high-octane songs and talk about a forthcoming album, "Original"; the follow-up to 2015's In The Spotlight of The Moon.

Nine Pin Cider Works

Nine Pin Cider is featuring Local 518 musicians on Sunday evenings. As part of their partnership with WEXT, Local 518 music on the station is supported by Nine Pin Cider, presenting local musicians performing original music on Sundays. 


Upcoming events:


4/21 – Brian La Pointe & the Joints, a singer-songwriter with soul music.


4/28 - Honey Slider, indie folk-pop.




BAILEN is performing tonight at the Hangar on the Hudson in Troy. Don't miss this amazing trio of musicians, born to make music together. Quite literally! Twin brothers David & Daniel with their sister Julia were raised by their classical musician parents who got them into music at a young age.

Rochmon Record Club "Aja"

Thursday, April 25 | The Linda

The Rochmon Record Club experience is that shared listening to a full length album with great music-loving friends. Plus, Chuck Vosganian comes fully loaded with tons of information, photos, some other cool things.

This month at The Linda, it’s Steely Dan's "Aja." Hear the record many consider to be their achievement of a lifetime. 


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Lou Barlow has been a singer-songwriter — and/or a member of Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion and Dinosaur Jr., among other projects — dating back to the 1980s.

Singer-songwriters such as Justin Townes Earle often get pegged as being self-reflective, and it's a fair accusation. Earle himself lingered on his own confessional psyche on his last album, 2017's Kids in the Street, which unearthed all kinds of rocks from his past to see what was squirming underneath them.

Punk is an unruly but ultimately loving teacher. As a teenager, you come for the music — fast, angry, visceral, sometimes blissful — but even as political and personal issues change, you grow to absorb some of punk's core messages: Call out injustice, make sure everyone has a good time. Increasingly, that has meant making punk a safe space for women and non-binary folks. These are lessons built from generations of hard labor, often on the backs of the very same women and non-binary punks, and while there will forever be space to scream, there's also still room to grow.

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